Your Daily Life in GIFs (1.21.13)

When you’re surfing the Internet and the power goes out:

When you see the flight attendants coming with the drink cart:

When you ate Play-Doh as a kid:

When a GIF takes forever to load:

When you read the drunk texts you sent the night before:

When you’re at a house party and the cops arrive:

When you think about how you dressed ten years ago:

When you get caught staring at someone hot:

When one of your favorite shows references another of your favorite shows:

When you’re at a party and people start talking about something you know nothing about:

When you and your friend decide to do something you know you shouldn’t:

When you said you were going to get up early the night before:

Trying on clothes at the mall:

When your significant other is in the mood, but you’re not:

When your friend comes to you for advice:

When your mom brought the presents in on your birthday:

When you can’t find something to wear:

Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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