Your Daily Life in GIFs (1.28.13)

When you’re at a sporting event and see yourself on the big screen:

Your biggest fear when holding a newborn:

When you use your smart phone to solve an argument:

When you were little and your parents gave you your allowance:

When you decide to tackle your to-do list:

When you realize Valentine’s Day is coming up:

When your phone battery is on low while you’re out:

When someone asks you to help them move:

When you find out your favorite show won’t be back on the air for months:

You every morning:

When someone makes fun of you under their breath:

When you give your friend some really good advice:

When you see your friend about to hook up with his/her ex:

When you’re drunk and trying to flirt:

When your friend says, “let’s take a picture”:

When you yawn and your eyes get all watery:

When someone doesn’t reply to you, but you can see they are online:

Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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