Facebook is Full of Dumb (20 Pics)

Let’s face it, some of the people on Facebook aren’t exactly the brightest crayons in the box. Below are a few examples…





















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67 responses to Facebook is Full of Dumb (20 Pics)

    1. but the marine is still in america’s miilitary. he probably wanted to respond because the stupid person thought everyone in the military counted as a soldier.

      1. no, that only shows your ignorant,marines are marines. its all the others that are merely soldiers………..jackwagon!

        1. You’re*. And he’s a damn marine. Marines are not Soldiers, and Tankers aren’t Soldiers, so Marine Tankers are definitely NOT Soldiers, shitbag! Hoorah!

        2. Seriously? more fucknugget stupid on the internet. Marines are Marines. Air force troops are airmen Navy troops are sailors and army troops are Soldiers. Any questions? Let’s all quit being fucktards and get some education. Carry on.

        1. I think this situation is in need of a little clarification;

          By definition the gentleman pictured above in fact a United States Marine. Marines are technically apart of the Navy where as a “Soldier” is apart of the Army.

          Although they may seem similar and operate similarly a Marine is subject to a much more stringent training regimen and are generally the better skilled. Which I believe has instilled a certain amount of pride in some hence the spirited and enthusiastic responses to Shaine’s comment.

          That all said, Although technically incorrect I don’t think it is totally unfair comparison to make. A Marine although attached to the navy is essentially a more Elite Soldier, with a wider skill-set.

          I would define what a fucknugget is….but beyond and unfortunate term used to insult another…it is lost on me.

          Peace out gentleman.

          1. Since we are being grammar Nazi’s: The second line should read *IS* in fact a United States…; *whereas, NOT where as; You are missing many commas and here is one; a comma should be placed after “operate similarly”, *no capital letters after a comma (That all said, Although) and *That all said* is not grammatically correct; *…think it is A totally unfair… “A Marine (comma) although attached to the Navy…” and finally, *but beyond AN unfortunate term… Thank you and everyone calm down

          2. Actually, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a soldier as someone who serves in the military, and therefore has nothing to do with a specific branch.

  1. I cry for the sake of humanity.
    The sad thing is that these are but a raindrop next to an ocean of stupidity on Facebook.
    Dammit. 😛

  2. I too am homeless. I’ve got a cell and am on the internet every day. Don’t have facebook though. I would get a kick out of other peoples stupidity, but I’m just against it. Too many people have posted too stupid things on there to take it serious. Facebook should not be called social media, just area for stupid people. I’ve even seen people sell stolen stuff, too many times.

    1. If you’re homeless, but you have access to a cellular device, AND a laptop with working internet, why not find you a job? People who have a job make money… people who make money buy things… like a house; however, I know it would take some time to get enough money to buy a house, so why not rent an apartment?

      1. We was taught this in school today. It’s not that simple. You need your own address to get a job, and being out of a job for a long time can really knock your confidence. Also, not many, but some homeless people are homeless from choice.

        1. THIS WAS taught TO US in school today. It’s not that simple. You need your own address to get a job and being out of a job for a long time can really knock your confidence. Also, not many, but some homeless people are homeless BY choice.

          You’re in school? Even I’m better in English and I don’t even live in an English speaking country….sad…

        2. Okay, but still… he/she could explain how they’re homeless but trying to get a job. Many places, I’m sure, would understand.

        3. That is true. I know a guy who chooses to remain homeless due to his stalker ex-wife. He does, however, have a job. Now having said that there were some grammatical errors in your comment but I think we’ve had enough grammar Nazis today.

      2. People can become homeless in many ways. Losing your home from a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy and Katrina which left many people homeless. Tornadoes, Wildfires, regular fires, etc. Due to the declining economy, many people have been laid off or fired.
        If you have a job and not a career or are still young and did not have a back up plan or an adequate amount of savings to live off of, then you may become evicted from your home or apartment and therefore end up homeless. All homeless people do not live on the streets.
        There is this crazy building that the government calls a homeless shelter where people who have gone through the devastating, life changing, problems I mentioned earlier have to live in. You should read about it. You know, do some research, look up information, ask questions, use logic and reason before you start talking about things that you obviously have no clue about?
        When you give your opinion on a topic and you have not done any research, you begin to look like the very people we are making fun of. The idiots of Facebook.
        #Humanity is Doomed

      3. Also, people who live in homeless shelters have to work. They cannot stay in the shelter from 9-5 (this applies to NY as I do not know the rules of other states). So not only do most homeless people NOT live on the streets but they do work and are in the process of saving up their money to get their own living space. *GASP* They might have even had their cell phone with them before they became homeless. Or having access to the internet could mean they went to another government/public building called a *drum roll* LIBRARY! It’s a really great place filled with books and computers and they give you free access to the internet and you can borrow their books! Check it out. You might learn something.

        1. First of all BRIDGE, I don’t understand why you’re being such a smartass. All I said was that maybe he/she could try to find a job. If he/she had his/her own cellphone BEFORE becoming houseless, wouldn’t he/she have a cellphone BILL to PAY? I think they would. ALSO, if they have their OWN computer than what’s paying the internet bill? I’m so sorry. Maybe I should have read “Homeless people 101: For Dummies” before coming upon this site. But maybe, I’m not the only one at fault. YOU, however, have been a complete and utter smartass. Don’t jump into conversations that you weren’t invited to. Your argument after this is completely invalid. Have a horrible day.

  3. Isn’t ‘A’ is the capitAl of America and Washington DC the capitOl of America? Didn’t research this….just wondering….

    1. Nope, Capitol refers to the building at the capital. Specifically, Capitol (with the o) refers to any building where a legislature regularly meets, while a capital city is spelled with an a.

  4. well, what’s worse? the dumbasses or the dumbass who’s stalking them online and then making a blog about it?


    1. Well, what’s worse? The dumbasses or the blogers or that troll that reads all the comments and complains about it.

      Wow, wow

  5. Look, if you fight for anything you’re a solider. It matters not who they fight for or how they fight. Grow up cocks.

    1. Can’t say i was ever a solider. I was enlisted in the Army and they called me a soldier. After I finished my term in the Army I finished my degree and they called me a college graduate. If I was in the Air Force i would be an airman. If I was in the Marines i would be a marine. If I was in the navy I would be a sailor. Any questions, you little fucknuggets? Somebody PLEASE comment that I should have capitalized Soldier.
      Carry on.

  6. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter, and I never served in the military. What does that make me, besides a minority?

    1. I would like to know the answer to that as well because I also do not have a Facebook or Twitter account and have never served in the military. We must be a rare breed of humanoids.

  7. You retards are herding cats, he’s technically a sailor his les or paycheck is issued by the Dept of the Navy, and you can believe that brainwashed bullshit if you want. I loved when Marines show up for conflictas they are brothers in arms , but they were not better trained or more hardcore than U.S.ARMY INFANTRY, we are natural born killers!

  8. Tankers, in reference to the military, are those who either drive or perform some other duty as part of the crew for a tank. I say this because it seems some comments assume tankers mean fuel trucks or ships.

  9. A few of the mistakes on these albums can be chalked up to brainfarts, but most of these are advanced stupidity.

  10. Does anybody but me see that most of these “legitimate” comments are dumber than the ones we are commenting on??? Just askin’

  11. The one about the virgin, I don’t find that dumb. She’s trying to make better choices and change her life for the better. How is that dumb?

    1. That is EXACTLY what I got from that one. She clearly states that she is “…waiting for the NEXT right person to come along.”

  12. I once got a comment that was supposed to insult me, but just ended up making me laugh my butt off. It was one giant run on sentence, no periods, no capital letters, just one big sentence with a few commas. Either it got removed, she FINALLY got blocked after purposely spamming the page with about 15 of the same posts, or she blocked me.

  13. Completely agree with the fact that these comments are little to no better than the posts that they themselves are judging and criticizing. As for comments criticizing others grammar, general knowledge and stance on certain things, they are unnecessary and only help to make the one who posts them look ignorant or just plain rude themselves. If you are going to go to the trouble of creating a comment, why not make sure you’re a little more educated in your defense. Also why not treat each other with just the tiniest bit of human decency instead of jumping all over them for something as trivial as a grammatical error. Maybe things would be better, if we as individuals worked to educate and nurture intellectual growth instead of demean those who obviously know no better.

  14. The world is filled with dumb people, some who make bad choices, and those which misspell a word or two. Can’t say that I haven’t ever misspelled a word. Don’t know anyone else that can say it either. I’m a straight A student, and I love Facebook. You will find ignorance everywhere you look, but to declare that everyone on Facebook is dumb, is just bias. Can’t believe some of the comments I read here, because it’s no different than Facebook. Most teens and grad students use this slang typing to stand out and be different. If you find it dumb, then why waste your time looking at it?

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