Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces (22 Pics)

The subreddit Pretty Girls Ugly Facesย is by far one of the best things to happen to the Internet in the past few months…

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283 responses to Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces (22 Pics)

          1. Its funny how the first comment was clearly a joke and the second angry comment accuses the first one been “humourless”…. ohhh the irony… lighten up ffs

      1. What on earth made you think it was supposed to be “brave?” It’s funny. Wow, how brave, some bitter douchewad is anonymously posting his bitterness and jealousy for random people online!

      1. It’s a proven fact and becoming widely known that the majority of misogynistic trolls like KV/KVG are obese, unattractive social misfits whose prime motivations are envy and desperation.. It’s our job to ignore and report their abusive comments, and to feel sorry for them, if we can muster the generosity of spirit. KV, I’m praying for you right now …

        1. people actually need to shut up and stop being so critical (probably douchebag guys as many of you have pointed out).
          who cares if you don’t think they’re gorgeous? they were being goofy. I bet if these were guys doing ugly faces no one would say anything about their looks and would just laugh about it. so sick of our fucking society.

      2. “Kangaroo Vagina” as in “I can’t even get into a kangaroo’s vagina, let alone an actual women”? If so, you are aptly named.

      3. Wait, why do you assume that KV is a guy?? For all we know it’s a girl. You’re basing all your comebacks on that assumption.

    1. They said “pretty,” which they are. Not “drop dead gorgeous,” not “hey buddy, what are YOUR standards for objectifying women as pretty.” “Pretty.”

          1. LOL, wow. Like a man? So feminism does not teach you that that is a sexist term or should you get in the kitchen and bake me a turkey pot pie like a woman.

          1. Because most people aren’t fucking retarded. Most people don’t think you can solve gender issues by looking at the issues of ONLY ONE GENDER. And don’t give me that ‘feminism believes in equality’ bullshit. Feminism harps on about injustices to women when there are fuck all when compared to the thankless struggle men have to endure. Women are the chosen people of the world! And feminists still complain?
            Oh yeah the Titanic’s sinking lets chuck all the women and children off!
            Remember when that guy beat on his girlfriend and society didn’t care becuase she should just ‘woman up about it?’ Keep quiet? Sorry that was so sarcastic. But now I’m annoyed so I’m going to go on ๐Ÿ˜€
            women are raped? It’s fucking awful. It;s one of the worst things.
            Men are raped too. I know two guys that have been raped. They have told no-one but a few close friends. If a woman gets raped it is a vicious and brutal thing. I’m not apologising for rapists here. But if a man is raped, he loses his entire identity. He could go to jail in Africa for being raped (seriously it happens to men almost as much as women and nobody does a god damn thing) Men can’t talk about it because they’ll go to jail. If he admits it, he loses his identity entirely. A woman is still a woman, even if she has been raped. Nothing can take a woman’s identity away. She will get medical attention and help. MEN STILL GET NOTHING.
            Just saying. I know this is a dangerous topic and I am gonna get some major stick for it, but it is all true.
            But let’s get back to spoiled rotten western feminists because they are the most abhorrent.

            Get back to work? Provide the longest and most taxed hours at work which pay for everything -let’s take just one thing. Child support? For women who can divorce men (the majority do – 70%) legally because ‘they’re unhappy’? (in the majority of divorces this was the given reason) and then deny the man access to the kids, take half his stuff, and make him pay child support? IF HE DOES NOT DO THIS HE GOES TO PRISON AND WOMEN STILL THINK THEY ARE FORCED INTO SLAVERY. Who is the fucking slave now? Who is the fucking sexist now? And feminism even has the audacity to think that women cannot think for themselves, that they are only ‘acted upon’ and have no responsibilities. I can go on. In fact I can refute any whimpering argument that any spoilt rotten feminist on here has to make. You think you’re oppressed? you think you’re viewed as an object? Try being a man. Try being used as a beast of burden. Try being an appliance. Try living a day in your life of responsibility. OH WAIT I FORGOT I’M A MAN I SHOULD JUST SHUT UP AND GET BACK TO WORK TO HELP SOME SPOILED ROTTEN BITCHES FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES. Oh and by the way, those pictures are hilarious. Why are there feminists here trying to claim them?

          2. Michael – Stop winging about how bad men have it. Both genders have issues. Your argument that men have it so much worse than women is retarded. I notice you talk about how bad men have it in Africa and fail to mention the repeated just how high the rape percentage is for women and children in Africa. If you’re talking about other countries at all, surely you know that there are still quite a few countries where women are not equal to men. Feminism is still needed. Not man hating feminism, but fighting for equal rights which is what true feminism is about.

          3. Juno – do what the gays do. Dress up and have a parade. Then people will take you seriously…

        1. yay good work. finding the feminists can be really hard when your iq is too low for you to be one yourself. /pat on the head.

        2. HALT!

          We just caught the Neckbeard everyone! He isn’t going to harm you anymore with his bigoted sexist “jokes” anymore now that we locked him up in the “friend zone”

          Move you filthy Maggot!

          1. Anymore


            All the women responding to this guy are likely just as unattractive as him. They view the girls in the photo as superior aesthetically to them, and as such get very hurt when someone calls them ugly.

      1. where does everyone get these weird ass come backs? And I mean, isn’t beauty a completely opinionated matter? I just get shocked when I see so many people just bashing each other with equally or more rude comments. Like, does saying someone only masturbates really justify you? All I see is someone playing to be more offensive

        1. You can’t argue with stupid. No point. Don’t try. Changing someone’s mind over the internet, it is as likely to happen as a bucket of shrimp storming the white house. They come online to argue. They are always right. That’s it. I say get off the computer and make something of your life. Make change in your community or make good in the world. Arguing virtually about useless crap is so much waste of human efforts. Time you can’t get back. Get out and make change. Instead of furthering the decline of humanity. I am logging off for good. Please do not reply. It will not be read. Remember.. I am always right. :). Good day virtual time wasters…

  1. The best part of this is the greasy neckbearded fat guys commenting on whether the girls are pretty enough. “Dear diary, today a hot chick called me a creep. Next week I hope to be twice as successful!”

    1. Don’t forget the pimpled teenage girl with low self-esteem, or the bittered single mom with three kids and a belly that reaches her knees. Sadly enough there are a lot of women who like to denigrate other women as well.

          1. You know ‘equality’ isn’t where you just treat everyone with disrespect. It’s where you treat everyone like you want to be treated yourself.

          2. Swagamama, THANK YOU, I have making that point for a long time. Equality means everyone gets treated equally shitty, as well as equally well. Welcome to life people.

            Also, those girls are pretty, and most are probably not photo shopped. As an avid photo shopper of my own photos, I can tell you it’s pretty easy to spot more than the most basic ‘shops.

    1. #18 is me! And, I am also the one who inspired the subreddit that all of these girls are from ( There are a lot of assumptions being spread around about why we do this, so I’ll use this as a springboard of why I specifically wanted to “start” this movement:

      My sister and I have always been best friends. She’s a year younger than me, and from the time we were children, we always tried to “scare” our mother with these faces. You see, even as children, girls are told to look nice, behave, etc etc. We were little rebels and found so much enjoyment from this unusual practice. Years and years and years later, we still send each other photos of these faces with a sense of nostalgia. It’s also become an artform. Twist your face this way, pull your chin in this way, cross your eyes, drool a little, frizz out your hair, know your unflattering angles etc etc. Anything that was traditionally unappealing, we tried to conquer in our photos.

      I don’t want to speak on behalf of all the women submitting their photos, but it really has been a sense of great release and enjoyment for me. Women contact me on a daily basis telling me they feel so at home, and like they finally feel like they can just let go and be silly. I love seeing how people can contort their faces in a way that makes them look completely unlike themselves. We allow everybody to post, even if they aren’t traditionally pretty to begin with, because everybody can get uglier when they try.

      I know this is such a long winded response to your silly little comment, but I wanted to provide everyone with a little insight.

      And I’m glad I could make you LYFAO. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I love it! anyone who is too uptight to laugh at themselves and just be comfortable making horrifying crazy faces needs to learn to not be so cynical and get out a lil more

      2. Hey Kristin, thank you for starting this. It brought a few moments of great amusement to me tonight! I even made one of myself just to see how different I could look, horrfyingly ugly I admit! But it was fun none-the-less.

    1. to help ppl not feel so fricking uptight about girls’ looks constantly? “pretty” girls can look “ugly” and vice versa. we can all laugh because who gives a shit. it’s just looks.

      1. I love the humor….we all can make those same faces….love the girls for having fun!
        It call humor! They are all beautiful!



      Phew, sorry, don’t know what happened there.

  2. Lol!!!! The point of it is there’s no point, its FUN lol I think the models on the bottom are priceless XD every shoot I’ve done ends up with at least one silly face picture like these and its just great for a laugh ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I think those pictures make them ever more pretty because
    besides their looks they also have the ability to laugh at themselves.
    That’s attractive trait in a person.

  4. Wow! Way to be a bunch of judgmental assholes, guys! As you may or may not be aware (probably not, based on some of the replies here) women in our culture are expected to hold to an incredibly high standard of beauty. Some of the replies clearly show this; “Not a lot of pretty going on there”, “Playing pretty fast and loose with the word ‘pretty’ here, arenโ€™t we?”, and “I think in most cases itโ€™s ugly girls photographed to look pretty, returning to their natural state.” all demonstrate the standard that is expected of them. They’ve got to be perfect, thin, and beautiful 24/7. I for one think it’s incredibly brave of these women to be willing to let their guard down, even for a brief moment, in the face of these ridiculous, unrealistic expectations. Bravo, ladies!

    1. Agreed, we need to stop putting so much emphasis on female appearance. It creates such a poisoness atmosphere. A woman is under no obligation to “look good” to anyone. The way I see it, looks don’t matter much when it comes to being a great friend, contributing to the world, and feeling wonderful about yourself. If you aspire to deeper things you don’t have time to pick apart another human being’s appearance. So to all women (and men), celebrate the wonderful things you do in this world and don’t give sexist, demeaning comments about your appearance one moment of your attention. The men who write nasty things about women are lacking in self-respect.

  5. Interesting to see that for many of those pretty girls ugly = fat / double chin… Tells quite a lot about person’s inner side-

    1. I think you’re reading a lot into this. I tried this with some friends, who are all different weights, and we all did the “double chin” thing at one point. “I should try to look fat” wasn’t even on my mind. It’s just- quick distort your face- and pulling back the head does that.

  6. hope they don’t do these faces just when i’m about to come, or my little boys run screaming back from the gates never to be found again.

  7. hope they don’t do these faces just when i’m about to come, or my little boys run screaming back from the gates never to befound again.

    1. That hardly seems like a safe assumption. The projects have similarities but are by no means exactly alike. It seems more than plausible that both came to their ideas independently of one another.

  8. What I found most attractive believe it or not was their sense of humor! I don’t know about you guys but these girls all seem hotter just for the fact that they were willing to make the ugliest face they could and post it. And the strange thing is instead of wanting to sleep with them, I feel like I wanna go have a beer with them instead!

  9. I think the ugly pics look edited. These women have all quite skinny necks but suddenly in the next pics they look like they got 50 kilos more weight. Especially the second woman and the blond girl (with glasses in her 2nd pic)…and the video girl…and the red hair girl in the quite end… Come on! Do we have to edit even ugly to look uglier?! Ridiculous.

    1. “I think the ugly pics look edited.”
      Only because you know nothing about Photoshop. None of these have been edited.

    2. By video girl, do you mean the second video girl? Because the second one (curly hair) is me, and if you did mean me, know that I take this as the highest of compliments. To think that my ugly face is so unbelievable in a video that it must have been edited means that I did it right.

      Also, the blonde girl provided proof on our subreddit, and I can tell you that this is indeed her. Us women are majestic creatures of elegance and terror.

  10. Awesome project!

    To me, it shows that being pretty comes from self-confidence and a good attitude. I dare to say that any commenter who says these girls are not pretty, is ugly as hell ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. To anyone saying they aren’t pretty, face it, if any of these girls were your bank teller/masseuse/hairdresser/cashier/server, you wouldn’t hold off til the next one.

  12. Meh. It bugs me how many of them are using double chins as the main ingredient of ugly. Just reinforces our cultural belief that fat = ugly, doesn’t it?

    1. Well be honest now, doesn’t fat = ugly most of the time anyway (I wouldn’t use the word “ugly” here, but just trying to enforce a point)? It’s not like we’re born fat and can’t do a thing about it…

          1. “doesnโ€™t fat = ugly most of the time anyway “?

            In your narrow-minded opinion.
            And I say that as a “skinny chick”.
            You know what’s ugly? People who hate other people because of their weight.

  13. I’m not surprised that assholes would turn this into a conversation about “she’s not pretty enough for me,” there’s always trolls online–but honestly, it’s also exhausting.

    I think these ladies are gorgeous and obviously have a good sense of humor. Any guy would be lucky to have them in their lives, imo.

      1. I think you missed her point. I think these photos were done to mock our society’s constant attention, whether positive or negative, on female appearance. Men and women alike need to be recognized for the wonderful contributions they make in this world, not for their appearance. Appearance is really so unimportant when compared to love, compassion, intelligence, curiousity, and learning.

        1. I think you’re reading WAY too much into this.
          To me, it’s a bunch of girls who have labeled themselves as “pretty” and who decided to make goofy “fat” faces to be ugly because it’s SO hi-larious!

  14. Hi, everyone. I am number 20! Everyone is sending me this. I am so glad this happened. Yes, those are all my real face. And all feminist ranting aside, I think the purpose of the endeavor was a) to be funny and b) to show a contrast between the “before” and “after” photos. Whether or not I am, or anyone else in the photos is “pretty” to begin with is irrelevant to the purpose of the exercise, and anyone making such negative comments is so obviously trolling that their comments are hardly worth paying attention to. If you are taking an experiment in making fun of the very standards of beauty we as a society hold so dear so seriously, then you are entirely missing the point. As for the positive comments, you guys are amazing! Yay!

    1. Hi Rachel! I am the one with the 6 pics! I am getting a kick out of some of these responses….I don’t know where to begin! Yes, I am not a supermodel, not even “hot”, but I don’t think I am a total beast either. But what I do have is a sense of humor and the utmost confidence in being myself at all times. I do take pride in the way I look but it is not everything. I hope this creates positive dialogue for other women and challenges certain ideals of beauty. Yes, all women are beautiful, just different types of beautiful. You look great! Ps. Photoshop……lol no way, Au natural derpy face, baby.

    2. Uh huh. You’re “making fun of the standards”, yet I’m sure you’re all still wearing the 10 lbs. of make-up and (on some of you) false eyelashes, so what the hell is the point? Seems a bit shallow.

  15. Ya, ya, ya, of course they’re not pretty enough, we get it, you prefer pornography to real women. Get back to the wanking you love so much and quit bugging the internet.

    1. How are women in pornos not “real” women? I could see maybe if these girls weren’t wearing false eyelashes or tons of makeup…then you might have a point.

  16. I call shennanigans
    some of these are like this was when i was pretty and 22 years old or 17 and this is what I look like at 30 or 40

  17. This was hilarious! I have taken many ugly pics like these, maybe not on purpose hahahaha. I really enjoyed this, so did my daughters. FYI every girl is pretty in some way shape or form.

    1. “FYI every girl is pretty in some way shape or form.”

      Oh, come on. You know that’s not really true. Not that it matters. Looks aren’t everything. But saying everyone is pretty is like giving everyone a trophy, even though not everyone won. Some of us are funny-looking. Don’t blow smoke and tell people they’re something they’re not.

  18. Is this a trick question? Just thinking because…..where is the “Pretty” girl?

  19. Number 10 here. Did not expect my picture to spread around…all of my friends were bugging me this morning saying that I’m now ~*internet famous*~

  20. This is the greatest page ever! Nothing is better than a woman who can make herself look silly. These photos made me laugh out loud more than once, I love the girl who winks. You guys who need to see something else here are easily disappointed, huh?

  21. Thank you! I absolutely loved these photos! They were so much fun, and also made me feel so much better about myself ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a bit like the Beyonce photos that just got published ๐Ÿ˜€ No matter how “beautiful” you are, you don’t always look good, nor should you, and no one should judge you on that. The appearance expectations of the society nowadays are completely unrealistic, and it’s so easy to forget that sometimes, being bombarded with perfect (photoshopped) photos of celebrities with porcelain skin, perfect hair and make up and whatnot…of course it’s nice to be estethically pleasing, but what should matter is the inside, not the looks.

  22. Seems like many of the people commenting just generally find seeing photographs of women that are less than perfect “irritating”… Whatever their definition of perfect might be. That’s disturbing.

  23. Wow another comment thread on the internet filled with people arguing about something totally pointless that was intended to be slightly entertaining. This is totally surprising.

  24. kind of confused at the point of this…. or why its not objectifying that the article calls them “pretty” but when someone calls them “ugly”, that IS objectifying? hm, yawn.

  25. i think a lot of people here are missing the point that this is meant to get some laughs. its hilarious, i do this even with my bff. Its just funny. lighten up people! haha go to the mirror and start pulling obscure faces and you try not to laugh at yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Reminding of making feces in bucket for family, faces I pull excreting mass of turd

    Last night I tried to produce large faeces stool, large and also very long, unfortunately I suffer slippage and fall back on it, not very popular.

  27. I absolutely loved this when I first saw it. Was saddened by amount of cro-magnon responses to it. As a hetero guy I just love how I see all of these women as simply more beautiful when I realize they felt inspired to take part in this. I feel sorry for the guys that cant’ see that and marvel at how they can’t grasp the irony of the true ugliness they are making such an effort to display.

    I, on the other hand, would be honored if any one of these women saw fit to give me the time of day! You all rock! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That was the most hipster response ever. You should be ashamed. I heard they’re having a sale on Vegan cream cheese over in Williamsburg – shouldn’t you be out shopping?!

  28. If there is a new world order, and it takes over some day, I will be one of the guys that go around executing people.Why? Because I hate you all.

  29. why are so many people yelling about who is and isn’t pretty when there are 22 pictures of girls who have normal people faces doing their best to look like thumbs

    how is your reaction anything but hysterical laughter
    what is wrong with you

  30. Haha. Nice try, ladies. You’re all still adorable. ^.-

    Not something one should look at while eating. Tried not to laugh and I think my dinner went into my nose. So, thanks for that.

  31. Q. why do you always end up at nick’s cafe pulling ugly faces?

    A. take a picture of this, a rancid vomit in your bed, that’d do it, you can find me pulling some ugly face.

  32. My grand daughter and I (she is 3) have more fun doing just what is going on here, damn the torpedos it is hilarious. A small child enjoys doing these thing without a single thought how it might be viewed by others. Take a moment to poke a little fun at yourselves instead of immediately turning it into a gender war. You folks just ain’t much fun right now.

  33. I absolutely love this. Makes me laugh so hard!! Such a great meme haha!! And the thing I love most is that it’s more embarrassing if you DON’T give it your all. If you half-ass your ugly face it’s more embarrassing than impressing everyone with the sheer monstrosity of a really great ugly face ๐Ÿ˜› I especially love the morphing videos.

  34. It’s nice to see all hell break loose when the pretty girls go ugly. I can’t wait to see what happens when all the smart guys/girls go dumb. I loved the pics, they cracked me up, but I kind of lost hope in humanity when I started reading the comments. Girls, stop trying to prove you have a bigger dick than the men, guys, stop feeding into the sterotype that you’re all nothing but shallow arrogant pigs. Thanks!

  35. This first gif is immense. Oh my God :’) It’s so sudden, hahaha, and the fan above adds such an accidental element of WHAT DAFQ IS GOIN ON.
    I love all the participants in these photos because I’ve just laughed my arse off so hard and discovered something that will, I’m positive, cheer me up and make me cry with laughter regardless of how I’m feeling previous to it. So THANKYOU!!

  36. So I see that most of these “Ugly” faces are made “Ugly” by just making them look fatter.In other words “pretty girls making fat faces” Cause being fat IS ugly, at least thats what I gathered from this…


    but i noticed most of the “ugly” pics, with the face pulling, used the fact that they didnt have makeup on to add to the facepull. it be cool to see a funny face with make up on, or a pretty face without makeup. seems like it would be more um hmmm realistic i guess. i dont even know why i feel cheated tho. good post. 8/10 would bang

  38. I think whoever posted the above pictures needs a little insight. The concept behind these pics is supposedly a protest about the burden that is placed on women to be beautiful, and provide “pretty” women a sense of release and enjoyment. However, what it really is, for us “not so pretty” women, is just another round of mocking and bullying. One poster said “I love seeing how people can contort their faces in a way that makes them look completely unlike themselves. We allow everybody to post, even if they arenโ€™t traditionally pretty to begin with, because everybody can get uglier when they try.” Really? How utterly generous of you to let those not “traditionally” women into your charmed little circle. Who made you the arbiter of what is pretty and what is not anyway? Most of the posters chose to make themselves look obese to provide the “ugly” side. So I guess those of us who are larger than the “pretty” girls, can conclude that they are ugly. Because of course in your superficial, narrow minded worlds, fat = ugly. Here’s a clue for the ignorant, superficial, bullying, clueless, mean girls who think it’s “fun” to mock those that are not considered as “charming” as they are: you know, the disfigured girls, the stroke victims, those with receding chins, and the obese, all of those girls who will see these pictures that you bitches were so “brave” to post. In my eyes, you are all hateful, meanspirited, and ugly. And there is no cure for your kind of ugliness. Alll of you should be ashamed for perpetuating this kind of bullying.

    1. I am the inspiration for this whole project. I didn’t name it, but I have played a big role in its development. Another woman named Sharon posted a similar comment to yours, so I will copy and paste my response to her, because I think it’s also appropriate for your concerns:

      Hi Sharon,

      I wanted to stop in an let you know that I saw your comment and I am really sad that you are so deeply troubled by what we are doing. I used to be a suicide hotline worker and am a feminist and am passionate about giving those oppressed a voice.

      Simply being these things surely doesn’t give me a “right” to perpetuate bullying of any kind. I was bullied as a child myself. Bullying is an awful offense and, in fact, even a teeny tiny bit of harshness toward another member of our community can and will get you banned. If you told a girl she wasn’t pretty enough to begin with, you get banned. If you tell a girl you don’t like her tattoos or piercings or hair, you get banned. If you say anything, and I mean ANYTHING, sexual about her (e.g. “10/10 would bang” or “I’d still do you.”) then you get banned. We are a community that encourages everybody to join. This doesn’t mean we’re like, “Oh hey, I guess ugly people can do this if they really want.” It’s more like, “We want everybody to experience the absolute joy and laughter that can come from poking fun of yourself and not taking yourself so seriously.” Thin or fat, man or woman, acne or great skin, makeup or no makeup, black or white, and everybody in between is welcome with open arms because we believe in the power of laughing at yourself and allowing others to laugh with you. The idea is to create a version of yourself uglier than your every day face. Everybody can get uglier (or more “scary,” if you prefer that term), and nobody magically turns into somebody else to make fun of them.

      That being said, I cannot count the amount of times women have written me, telling me that they have been really depressed or stuck in a funk and saw these photos that lifted their spirits and got them laughing. We don’t aim to mimic anybody. I am not posing for a photo thinking, “I’m going to try to look just like Sharon.” I am simply trying to make myself as horrifying as possible with the contortions of my own face. I am defying what the world wants of me. We, every one of us who participate, are liberating ourselves from the expectation that we should always be beautiful, graceful, and ladylike. That being ugly is some kind of curse. They want a pretty smile, perfect skin, flawless hair. And we are telling them, “tough shit, we’re going to give you the opposite of what you want.”

      This project has taught me confidence. I don’t like certain parts of my body and my face, and I think most women can relate. When I take these ugly photos, I aim to enhance everything I dislike about myself. Crooked nostrils are prominently on display, makeup has been washed clean so that I can display my acne proudly, and teeth showing so that those crooked buggers can do their thing. It’s liberating and freeing to display the parts of me that I used to be embarrassed about. I’m saying, “Here are my flaws, now do your worst.”

      I can understand your apprehension. A few others have expressed the same concerns. But I want you to know that I care deeply for women and see this as a way for us to loose ourselves and show the world our own power. The amount of good I think outweighs the insecurity some feel when viewing these photos. But I truly believe that it is nearly impossible not to laugh and smile when you take part in this yourself or when you see girls who are really successful in pulling it off. I hope you reconsider your stance and see this project as something that is deeper than getting superficial thrills off of making fun of people who are different than us.

      Take care, and I hope this helps ease your troubled heart.

      1. tl;dr.

        You need a fricken essay to explain this “project”? Get over yourself. It’s not that interesting of an idea nor deep of a concept.

        I have to concur with the person you are responding to.

  39. Kristen says:
    “We allow everybody to post, even if they arenโ€™t traditionally pretty to begin with, because everybody can get uglier when they try.” Thank You, Kristen for deigning to allow the not “traditionally” pretty to participate in your precious little circle of insensitive, ignorant “pretty” girls. When did it become “fun” to mock and bully those who are not “traditionally ” pretty? If you can’t see how ugly and offensive this “project” is, then I’m afraid that there is no cure for your kind of ugly. I know you won’t dare to post this because I saw some of the reponses to others who criticized you – but that’s OK. I’m posting your link on every stop bullying website I can find. I’m ashamed for you.

  40. This is hate, mocking and bullying made into crude entertainment. The people who are responsible for this project, claim that they won’t allow bullying of any kind. However, the fallacy of claiming that, is that when the pics show up on other sites and Facebook accounts that they have no control of, they are not being monitored by anyone, and the filth, hate, mocking and bullying just pour out. I found the sureddit site because my daughter and her friends were doing these pics on their Facebook accounts. There was no context to it. There were no links to their so called “uplifting” message. The comments were disgusting. So I confronted her with it and she sent me to the site. From there, I checked the other links. I saw some really harsh responses. Have the people behind this project even taken the time to READ some of the responses at all? Again, they have no idea how they are influencing people and what the end results are. They have no control about how this is ultimately used. I saw a group of “normal” high school girls using this as a bullying tool. Clearly they are not “astute” enough to get the liberating message the project “leaders” claim they are trying to send. Quite the opposite. So, thanks again, for making my job harder, as I try to instill the concepts of ethical behavior and tolerance into my child.

    And, I am deeply disturbed by the media picking this up as if it’s just good clean fun. YOU are making it ALLOWABLE to mock and bully the obese, stroke victims, accident victims, women with receding chins. The women posting their pictures are just providing examples of their perceptions of ugly – for “entertainment”? Thanks so much. As if we don’t already see enough of that already in the media and everday life. You may find it liberating and hilarious. Calling this “brave” is entirely beyond belief. YOU are not challenging perceptions of beauty, YOU are creating definitions of ugly. Those of us who are not “traditionally” pretty – as YOU define it – are just seeing hate, ignorance, superficiality, mocking and bullying. I work on a college campus and I showed these pics to some of my co-workers. Do you know what the response was? Some of them actually cried. I’m sorry, but I don’t see that as entertainment and liberating. What you and the “project” are doing is hurtful, plain and simple. There is no excuse for this. I am so ashamed for all the people involved, that they cannot comprehend the damage and hurt that they are doing.You pat yourself on the back and celebrate because of all the attention you have garnered.
    With your background, I want you to ponder this – how many girls seeing themselves mocked and bullied for the general public’s entertainment, are going to go beyond crying to something far worse and final?

  41. When I saw Kristen’s response to the two Sharon’s, I felt that I had to speak out. Here is someone who claims to have worked in suicide prevention and hates bullying, who is so blinded by the media attention that she has received, that she can’t even comprehend the damage that she is doing.

    I have a daughter who is 12 years old, a sensitive age. She has a metabolic disorder. As a her Mom, I have worked hard to help her develop a positive self image, in spite of the negative bombardment from society and the media. Somehow she came across this post, and after reviewing these pictures, started crying. I found her in tears, looking at this post.

    Regardless of your lofty intent when you developed this project, the real result is that this is a hurtful project. Whatever your intentions, this has gone horribly wrong. This is not a “project” challenging beauty, instead it defines ugly. It’s not “entertainment”, it’s crude and disgusting. I have worked so hard to get her to accept the beautiful young girl that she is, and you have undone it in moments.

    You claim to have experience working with suicide hotlines, and that you are against bullying, and then you promulgate exactly the type of media attention that leads to bullying and suicide. What’s worse, you’ve had this experience, and you continue to promote this kind of intolerance and ignorance.

    Did you read some of the commentary above? The language I saw was not uplifting, brave or liberating. I want to thank both of the Sharon’s for having the REAL courage to speak out – particularly when I saw some of the responses above, to say it like it really is, and provide me the courage to speak out as well.

    You are so blinded by your own ego, at the attention that you are getting, that you honestly believe that the damage that you are inflicting on those less fortunate than you is worth it. Well, I have to say that is a poor comfort for me, while I hold my little girl and tell her that sometimes so called “good” people are quite simply monsters in God’s eyes.

    1. This is literally the third message you’ve posted your hate filled lectures. You keep using different names and I’m not sure why. I think you are the one wing hateful and abusive at this point, calling people monsters. Not one of these girls are saying deserves your unwarranted hate speech. They are human beings who are trying to go through this world just like you are, and they are using the resources they have to make themselves and others laugh. You may disagree with what they are doing, but can’t you see the irony of how you are treating them? You’re the one bullying at this point.

      1. “They are human beings who are trying to go through this world just like you are, and they are using the resources they have to make themselves and others laugh. You may disagree with what they are doing, but canโ€™t you see the irony of how you are treating them? Youโ€™re the one bullying at this point.”

        You can’t be serious. Yes, I just shed a tear for the girls mocking fat and mentally retarded people. You poor, poor things, just making do with what you have. *sniff*
        Do you even know what the word “bullying” means? I kind of suspect you don’t know what a LOT of words mean…like irony, for one. Go home, Alanis. You’re drunk.

  42. I don’t know who you are addressing this to. But at least some of us are willing to use our own names. We don’t have to hide behind anonymity. I feel sorry for all of you who are involved in this project. Your arguments are tired and baseless. Making someone laugh at the expense of others is mocking and bullying. I can’t speak for the others here, but I just want to stop the bullying. Apparently you just want to make excuses and perpetuate it.

  43. The 2 photos numbered 17 are not the same human being. There’s at least a 25 year age difference between them based simply on the facial wrinkles and neck fat deposits. I’d bet a lot of money on it.

  44. Hi, I’m #14. I’ve only just now read the comments. Not sure why there’s so many negative people.. I made myself laugh when I took the pictures and laughed when I saw others girls doing the same thing. It was fun and entertaining, the end. If you don’t agree, move on. I suppose if you have nothing going on in your life it makes sense to leave a negative comment.
    BTW, when I submitted my pic to reddit I didn’t think anyone I knew would see it. Then pleated-jeans featured me and an old friend saw it and promptly shared it on facebook and now all my friends and family (including distant relatives in England) have seen it. I thought I’d be embarrassed but I almost felt pride ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah…not finding mocking fat people funny must mean someone has nothing gone in her life. Then again, if you have time to sit there and take vanity shots of yourself to post online, it doesn’t seem you have a lot going on, either.

  45. Okay, I started at the top of the page, looking at the pictures and having a solid chuckle to myself. ‘Right on’, I think, ‘women who aren’t taking themselves seriously in pictures. What isn’t to think is funny about it?’

    Then, like a moron, I scroll down to the comments.

    Seriously, some of you people need lobotomised, or at least amputated hands to stop you typing the venom you spew.

  46. Oh maw gawd. Juses crust and all that is holy. Everyone calm the fuck down. Can’t anyone just put up some pictures without everyone getting their panties in a twist? Females? PIPE THE FUCK DOWN. Males? PIPE THE FUCK DOWN TOO. Everyone just go home. My gender doesn’t even matter I thought the pictures were hilarious! It’s fun seeing girls be all derp like, glad to see that! Then the comments -Smashes head on desk- Someone throw me off a building. Just STAHP people. What are you doing with your lives? *SIGH*

    1. “Itโ€™s fun seeing girls be all derp like, glad to see that!”

      I think people with mentally retarded friends and family might disagree with you. Just sayin.

  47. Personally I think it’s great to see a bunch of ladies who have a sense of humour about themselves. It makes me sad to read the comments from people who have no sense of humour and seem to think that this is an affront to feminism or some such bullshit. These are just some pictures of some women who are comfortable enough with themselves to have a laugh about it. Shouldn’t we be celebrating that?

  48. These photos are hilarious! There is nothing more beautiful than a great sense of humor. I have to give all of these gorgeous women credit for being secure enough in themselves for not taking themselves too seriously and giving us all a good laugh. Just don’t let your mom or boyfriend see these pictures… lol.

  49. This is genius haven’t laughed so hard, also these girls obviously aren’t vain and must be up for a laugh! Brilliant!

  50. You women are being crybabies when someone makes a comment that some of the girls are not actually “pretty”. This is real life and you have to take the good with the bad, and I think this set of pictures has had a lot of good publicity, but you cannot handle a few bad comts? In reality none of othe girls are unnatractive. Let me get to the main point, the reason some of the guys even made a negative comment is because this whole thing comes across as arrogant, and it is actually rude and hurtful to actual “ugly” girls. The #18 girl is actually so pretty that her “ugly” pic is still good looking. It is the point that these good looking girls are so confident and or arrogant that is turning some of the guys off. And as in all things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The girls are somewhat arrogant and thoughtless, somehwat humorous and playful, while the guys rude comments are somewhat rude, yet realistic, and in large part a reaction to the perceived arrogance of the girls. Also, idk if the girls who originally made the faces knew they would be referred to as pretty. Btw, the girls who replied to the guys comments by saying ” ur probably some ugly guy”, really just cemented the idea that those who make and enjoy such pictures are vain and arrogant. But like I said I see both sides, but maybe I’m just a ” 30 year old neckbears w whose only girlfriend is his righthand”……lol. I think any in depth investigation will turn up deeper issues. Imo the girls are all good looking, and I don’t think anyone believes they aren’t, just..perceived arrogance will bring attacks. Look at justin beiber, he’s so cocky and arrogant that many want to bring him backi down to reality. Also this is the internet, once you start dealing with showing pictures, there will always be negative comments. Oh, someone said you weren’t pretty as you thought you were? Crry me a river.

  51. there was 2 girls in this whole thing that were KIND
    of pretty….I’m tired of misleading titles.

    New title:
    A few Mediocre girls and mostly pigs making ugly faces.

  52. I’m really good friends with #18! Although I’ve known about her subreddit for a while, I’ve never looked into it until this article came up tonight. Yes, she is beautiful, but she is also exactly what she says she is: Someone who cares deeply about women’s issues.

    Kristen isn’t in any way arrogant and it pains me to see what some people have posted about her and the subreddit.

    You all should just take it for what it was made to be: Something funny that can lighten up your day!

  53. Why are all the women on this page so venomous and insecure? More importantly, why are they so damn terrible at comebacks?

  54. Title of the article should be…

    Semi-Attractive Girls Making Themselves Look Ugly

    So these girls are saying ugly girls look like the after pics?

    How sad.

  55. Hilarious! But the fifteenth one… What… How? Is that really her?? She doesn’t even seem to have that amount of tissue available

  56. Yes. I’ve gone to bed with the good-looking one and woke up with the other… Drink!!!

    Check out

  57. Hi Kristin,
    Awesome concept, it’s fricking hilarious. My sister and I want to join in the fun; where do we send our photos?

    PS: Any negative comments made to my post will not be replied to, I’m not going to fuel anonymous and petty hatred.

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