Musician Puts Photos of Himself in the Grammy Museum for a Month

Paz Dylan is an LA-based musician. He’s never won a Grammy, but that didn’t stop him from pulling a Banksy and inducting himself into the Grammy Museum. Surprisingly, his hacked installation stayed put for over a month. Click through to see the whole display… [via the high definite]

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One response to Musician Puts Photos of Himself in the Grammy Museum for a Month

  1. While I cannot support Paz in this dilettantish stunt, I must commend him for the accuracy of the information he presents. Archaeologists have long been puzzled by the apparent ‘cultural explosion’ that appears to have occurred around 45,000 years ago – giving rise to artistic masterpieces like the cave paintings at Lascaux – seemingly out of thin air. This would have been the time when other abstract forms of human communication, including music, began to rear their funky little heads.

    The discovery of fantastically well preserved foodstuffs in cave deposits at sites like La Ferrassie and Sima de los Huesos have, in part, resolved this puzzle. Consisting mostly of cave bear meat wrapped in a large vine leaf, these high-calorie, easy to prepare ‘Tacos of the Dordogne” would have given our ancestors both the energy and free time necessary to punch little holes in a auroch bone and blow.

    I’m glad to see this type of information finding its way into a publicly accessible, albeit illicit, format.


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