The A to Z of Video Game Deaths

Here’s a pretty awesome collection of “Game Over Tinies” created by Brentalfloss that depict an alphabetic documentation of video game character deaths. [via ufunk]

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  1. After years of trying to come up with my own lyrics, I give you my fanmade Second Edition!
    A is for Asgore, poisoned by a buttercup
    B is for Bomberman, who blew himself up
    C is for Crash, who got no love at all
    D is for Donkey Kong; banana withdrawal
    E is for Engineer, stabbed by a Spy
    F is for Freddy, dismantled by Purple Guy
    G is for Gordon, whose head was consumed
    H is for Heat Man, with suds for a tomb
    I is for Isaac, who was cursed by a spell
    J is for Jak; Daxter mourned when he fell
    K is for Koopa, who fried down to ash
    L is for Luigi; couldn’t see through his ‘stache
    M is for Master Chief, infected by the Flood
    N is for Ness, who went down with a thud
    O is for Olimar, who was gone in one snap
    P is for Pikachu, caught in a mouse trap
    Q is for Quote, who was flattened by blocks
    R is for Ristar, who’s now mixed with rocks
    S is for Steve, who is now a square crater
    T is for Toad, served in soup by a waiter
    U is for Undyne, who bit on a hook
    V is for Vega; one swipe’s all it took
    W is for Wolf, who was shot down by Fox
    X is for X-Naut, folded into a box
    Y is for Yin-Yarn, who’s on a sweater now
    Z is for Zitz; hit a wall and then POW!

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