Your Daily Life in GIFs (2.25.13)

When your parents try to use technology:

When you’re expecting a Netflix DVD in the mail, but it doesn’t come:

When you saw Jennifer Lawrence fall at the Oscars:

When you haven’t eaten anything in over two hours:

When you think you have to sneeze, but then you don’t:

When you finally get off your ass and go outside:

When you tell a joke that you think is hilarious, but no one else likes:

When your friends tell you to go talk to someone you think is hot:

When you order something at a restaurant and they say they are all out:

When someone tells you to come look at the sunrise because it’s beautiful:

When someone says the exact same thing you were thinking:

When you were little and your parents told you it was time to leave the playground at McDonalds:

When you walk into work and see someone bought donuts:

When you say a curse word in front of your mom:

When you try to eat a slice of pizza that is too hot:

When you see someone parallel park into a tiny spot:

When a little kid tries to hit you:

When someone is complaining about being in a relationship:

Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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