Proof That The Walking Dead and Toy Story Have the Exact Same Plot

At first glance, Pixar’s Toy Story and AMC’s The Walking Dead have nothing in common. However, with a little analysis, redditor JimmyLegs50 shows us they are actually the exact same thing. Warning: Spoilers [via uproxx]

See even more proof here.

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29 responses to Proof That The Walking Dead and Toy Story Have the Exact Same Plot

  1. Pretty good, but just to be clear, astronaut =/= officer of the law….. Everything else was great though!

    1. He’s not an astronaut, he’s a member of the elite Universe Protection Unit of the Space Ranger Corps. He protects the Galaxy from the threat of invasion from the evil Emperor Zurg, sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance. DUH!

  2. The Only Thing Is Ken Would Have Been More Like Martinez Not The Governor… their for the blonde with the pony tail part is not the same

  3. Rick Grimes was not a Sheriff. He was a Sheriff’s Deputy. He and Shane had the same rank and were partners. And while Shane was Rick’s best friend, you could hardly say that Woody and Buzz were best friends in the first movie when Andy liked him more. Carl was liking Shane more after Rick and Shane were already best friends. But still..there’s a LOT of similarities lol.

  4. The only thing I do not agree with is with Hershel. He didn’t get that ‘walking stick’ until season 3 when he lost his leg.

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