Blog Documents “Reasons My Son is Crying”

Kids cry a lot. Often for seemingly no reason whatsoever. So, one dad decided to document his son’s horrible time on earth by creating the blog Reasons My Son is Crying.

I closed the refrigerator door:

We put this pillow behind his head so he didn’t hurt himself on the window frame:

I wouldn’t let him drink bath water:

His brother’s boots don’t fit:

I wouldn’t let him drown in this pond:

We helped him put on the boots he loves to wear:

I asked that he not wipe his muddy shoes off on my car seats:

The milk isn’t juice:

I wouldn’t let him eat the candy he found on the diner floor:

I gave him a cup of water:

The slide is not slippery enough:

His brother pretended to sing for one second:

He threw his dinner plate on the ground. He now wants to eat dinner:

We suggested that he play with a train

I broke this cheese in half:

He dumped a full cup of water on his own face:

He is in a giraffe costume:

He asked me to put butter on his rice. I put butter on his rice:

I played the wrong Jungle Book clip on YouTube:

I have no idea why my son is crying:

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24 responses to Blog Documents “Reasons My Son is Crying”

  1. human infants are retards, 3 year olds are roughly as smart as dolphins. oh well, he’ll grow out of it quite soon at least.

    1. Yeah, to be fair, the term “retard” only really applies if your intelligence is severely lacking, or “retarded” for your age group, I believe?

      So no. No, they’re not.

  2. Actually, scientists think dolphins are more intelligent than the smartest human on earth…
    So, in fact. A 3-year-old would be highly over-average clever.

  3. Kids cry to get their own way more often that not- not old enough to know better, or maybe without the language to express themselves when you prevent them from doing something dangerous or daft, they will yell and cry because they have been thwarted.
    Babies cry to get attention that is a survival mechanism and this grows into’ I want it or I don’t’. It is important that they learn who is in charge -they need to learn that on the (good) parent knows best. The parents are charge of their safety and well being and one of the worst things for all is to let the kids take charge. They dont have the experience or knowledge to be Boss and if you let them you are doing them no favours at all! Give them a choice by all means but YOU, the parent, says what goes not the kids!
    A lot of parents fear that if they thwart their kids the kids wont love them. Do not be afraid – they will love you despite anything – Even abused kids love their parents – its simple really very basic – children are dependent on their parents for their very existence so they love them .

  4. I love this. My son is like this all the time and I wonder why. Am I a bad parent etc. he has a hearing loss so I put extra pressure on myself as to why he’s so angry, sad, crying. Annoyed etc etc. it’s great to know its just cause he’s three and a proper toddler who can’t work out right from righteous!!! Thank you. Great pics.

  5. All u who are saying nasty things shut the hell up u don’t need to look at this so go away. I loved this it was so funny. I have a nephew, and he will be three in June and he is like this as well and it can make u laugh some times. Ty for this.

  6. This is so cute and so “how-children-in-this-age-range-can-be”, and it’s something that anyone who knows children very well can relate to. 🙂
    Babies, toddlers and very young children just don’t have the ability to see beyond whatever they want, or whatever seems like a good idea at the time. I’d guess, for example, in the case of the cheese; the cheese seemed to big for him so he wanted it smaller – only to discover that it looked “broken” and damaged to him once it was made into smaller pieces.

    Life can be overwhelming to children who are just old enough to start to think about how they wants things, and try to have things the way they think they’ll like them; but not enough to process things like how they’ll feel once whatever it is happens. OR, they can just have trouble remaining cool if something is going on that just plain don’t like. It can also be a frustrating life for someone so young that so much of the time other people just don’t understand what it is the little guy/lady is trying to accomplish/have accomplished for him.

    I don’t usually comment on things online, but I was pretty disappointed to see a lot of the comments on here. Hopefully, a lot of the comments were written by people who aren’t parents and haven’t learned more about children yet.

  7. For years it took two people to bathe my nephew, one to bathe him, and one to hold his arms firmly above his head. Otherwise he would scoop handfuls of soap off himself and scrub it into his eyes during baths, screech and sob uncontrollably for a few minutes, then scoop up more soap and do it again.

    Children are really fucked up.

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