Post-It Notes From a Stay-at-Home Dad (22 Pics)

I imagine being a parent requires having a sense of humor. Clearly, Chris Illuminati has got this in spades. Below are a few of the many Post-It Notes he’s placed around his house (and online at his website Message With a Bottle).

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2 responses to Post-It Notes From a Stay-at-Home Dad (22 Pics)

  1. That guy has pretty girly handwriting.

    And he’s recycling a number of Louis CK jokes, so we know what he spends all day watching 🙂

    1. There’s no such thing as gendered handwriting. Handwriting analysis experts have stated this time and again. You CANNOT determine with any degree of certainty the age, race, gender, etc. of a person by handwriting alone. And yes, there are plenty of adults of normal intelligence and NO physical handicaps who write “like a child.”

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