Is This the Most Talented Model in the World? (21 Pics)

Ahmed Angel is an international male model. As you can see, he is very talented and gifted professional. [via buzzfeed]

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23 responses to Is This the Most Talented Model in the World? (21 Pics)

  1. Something tells me he’s self employed and hasn’t actually been employed for a shoot by anyone outside of his Mothers social group…

  2. He’s borderline uncanny valley

    I was expecting a punch line at the end (he’s actually a wax figure or something). Surprised to see this here, otherwise.

  3. He’s so airbrushed it makes him look like one of those twilight sparkle dorks. His photographer should also be fired.

  4. He should use more products in his hair, and on his face.

    Take off the gel and makeup, and it’s actually a 48 year old woman.

  5. LOL its like he picked out random romantic words, put them in sentences, and plastered them all over his pictures. They make no sense!

    Also, I don’t understand the “wet hair” style. It’s pretty bad.

  6. Ugh… Sorry but, seriously? Who made these?
    He’s creepy-looking…. I seriously doubt he can be professional model.

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