Happy 2013th Birthday America!

These people are joking…right? RIGHT!?!

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  1. Is this for real? First of all, US IS NOT America, it’s a country from America. There’s a difference, and second, 2013th birthday?? OMG these people really need to stop smoking weed.

    1. Actually, America is a proper reference to the country (see also the United States of Columbia, the United States of Mexico, among others)…America is ALSO a continent…Get over yourself!

      Granted, the people who think the AMERICA is 2013 years old are not very smart…but they got the name correct!

      1. It’s you who doesn’t know, the official name is The United States of America, but people usually just call it “MURRRICA” because “fuck you there are no other countries in the American continent”.

      2. United Mexican States… We call it Mexico in short. You guys could call it what everyone else calls it The US, or United States. People from the USA just call it that way because they have been taught to call it that, fact is America is a continent, with geographical regions, USA is part of North America along with Canada and Mexico, hence NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).
        Please don’t talk about stupidity and then go saying dumb shit. Makes you look bad.

  2. I can’t believe that the country i live in is this ignorent. First of all America hasn’t been around for 2013 years so this is not a birthday of our country and second of all America is known as the United States of America because of the 50 states united under the American banner (or flag) and it is not it’s own continent it is a country that shares a continent with Canada if there is anything i missed then i am very sorry, but i think this should just about cover it. Thank you and good bye.

    1. This post made me LOL. You called people ignorant (ignorant) using a barely comprehensible run-on sentence full of mistakes 🙂

      Also, the United States of America existed before we had all 50 states.

      Finally, we share the continent of North America with far more than just Canada.

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