Mom Lets 4-Year-Old Finish Her Drawings

Mica Angela Hendricks is an illustrator and mother. While she was initially reluctant to share her new sketchbook with her daughter, the 4-year-old won her by using her own ‘mommy words’ against her: “If you can’t share, we might have to take it away if you can’t share.” Fortunately, Mica loved the results… [via lsq]

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81 responses to Mom Lets 4-Year-Old Finish Her Drawings

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    1. Did… did you look at the pictures? It clearly shows that when the mother was about halfway done with the work, she handed the notebook to her daughter, who added some shapes, then the mother went back and finished the piece. It’s sweet and funny. I think a better question would be what happened in your life to make you so cynical?

      1. In fairness, the headline is misleading.

        She didn’t let the 4 year old finish the drawings, which sort of implies that once mom was done with the sketch of the head, she handed over the tablet and the rest of the end result was the product of her daughter.

        In reality, mom let 4 year old -add some stuff- to her drawings. The color work, shading, and patterns which make the work so impressive and appealing was the work of mom, not the child.

        I don’t think the article is clear enough about this. And so, I don’t think Dave’s skepticism is misplaced.

        1. You understand that the publishing agency chooses the headline to generate more traffic…She’s not using her child to promote her work; they are using each other as collaborators. This website is using her work to generate more buzz and click-throughs.

    2. I’m with you. She could’ve simply had the kid hold the pen poised over the drawings while taking the photo. The pen never actually appears to be touching the paper when in the child’s hand.

    3. If you click through the link to the original article, it is more clear. The mom let the daughter finish the FIRST drawing at the top of the page. For the rest of them, she simply had the daughter draw bodies on her heads, and then she completed the pieces herself.

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  1. those hands look a bit bigger than a 4 year olds……….just saying. in fact they look oddly similar to the “moms” hands, they just changed the grip on the pen. its not criticism, its just simple observation. everyone is so quick to just accept anything as a heartfelt story

    1. The HuffPost article from which this originated shows a full body picture of the four year old drawing in the sketch book.

      I’d rather be a person who jumps to the conclusion that stories are happy and people are good than a person who jumps to the conclusion that every happy story has a dark side and everyone is lying to me.

    2. The third illustration shows the size of the moms hand next the head in the drawing, which are way bigger, and also shows the size of the child’s hand next to the same drawing… way smaller. Of course the hands probably look similar, it’s a mother and her child. Come on.

  2. This is, at best, a ruination of a good piece of artwork, and, at worse, outright fraud. If the latter, then I suppose that it’s only shame to the artist. If the former, then it’s just a travesty. Who in their right mind would let a child deface a nice drawing, take it from them, professionally finish it, and then ascribe a modicum of credit to the kid?! That’s about the worst life lesson that I can imagine showing to a child. And about the most pretentious thing I’ve recently seen. Either way, shame.

    1. “Who in their right mind would let a child deface a nice drawing”? Perhaps someone who is not too wound up in the specifics of their creation, but rather the fact that they can create more? A true illustrator does not cherish any individual piece for its intrinsic physical value. Rather, what is important to an illustrator is to be able to continually apply their style to projects presented to them. This illustrator doesn’t need to lock every single thing she draws in glass case and cherish them because she can create more. I think this is a beautiful way to blend years of technical practice and curious youthful creativity between mother and daughter.

      Shame one you for ascribing such a negative assertion to an otherwise heartwarming and positive story. Shame.

    2. Roger D., you’re making the mistake of viewing this collaboration through your own ego-driven judgmental cynicism.
      WHO would accept and honor her own child’s interest in art?
      MOST good parents.
      Take a break from the internets, get outside, take a breath…try to reclaim your own humanity.

  3. It matters when money is involved. For example, if some rich art collector is willing to pay big bucks, the mother has a duty to lie as much as possible. Whatever it takes to make the pretentious folks pay a little more.

  4. Surely the colouring of the drawings can’t be done by a four year old…? The shading is amazing…
    I imagine just the outline of the bodies has been done by a four year old then finished off by an adult…. Not many four year olds I know are that good at keeping colours inside the lines…

  5. As a mom and artist, I have to say…
    To the Mom: Good for you for sharing your talents and passion with your child in such a collaborative way. It shows caring and respect for your budding artist. Also, the critism is to your child’s credit.
    To the nay-sayers: Never underestimate what a child can do.

  6. What is wrong with everyone in these comments? When did the world become so cynical and critical. They’re really cool drawings, and a nice demonstration of a mother/daughter collaborative relationship. If you’re going to be venomous about something so touching, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself. Seriously!

    1. Right? This comments section has made me realize how much I really hate haters, which ironically makes me a hater, which makes me hate myself, which makes me hate EVERYONE. Gah, I give up!!! This story is cute, jerkfaces. Deal with it. And go pet a kitten or pop some bubble wrap or something.

      1. Not a hater, so much as a cynic and a disliker of pretentiousness. I’m very human, of good spirit, and i have some major soft spots. But this just made me want to puke.

          1. pre·ten·tious/priˈtenCHəs/

            Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed

          1. Well, i must say that the asking was far from polite. Such language! I really think that some others are the angry ones. I merely pointed an opinion.

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  7. nice.. look how there are so many strong reactions for and against the works.. either way the intense emotions validate what a great project this is.

  8. I land in the middle on this….the mother “discovered” something unique and was guiding and encouraging her daughter, which is nice in itself; and she further shared it with others who may be able to do the same thing with their children even if they aren’t as professional. But no doubt she refined the child’s outlines into something finished and it doesn’t hurt her own publicity needs. There, a typical blended reality conclusion. When you have a good idea it does enhance you but it can still have goodness and altruism involved. Things don’t have to be all one or the other.

  9. I think these are fantastic. When a child sees what the parent is doing, they are engaged and interested. This 4 year old has probably had a lot of experience with art supplies and drawing or coloring with her mother. Our society has become diffused with children who watch more television and play video games, etc, instead of spending time with their parents doing what they are doing, out of necessity often for the parent. Whatever was done, I still think these images are beautiful.

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    1. Have you meet all the 4 year olds in the world? If so then you might have a clue, but I doubt you honestly know for sure. please leave your comments else where, more happiness rather then cynical commentary.

      And a 4 year old can…

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    2. i saw this on another site and it shows the daughter just did the outlines of the drawing and the mother afterwards did the coloring/shading.

  10. Good lord, half of the people commenting on this article need to step back and just take a breath for a second. Do people really have nothing better to do these days than sit around inventing reasons to be scandalized and outraged by literally everything they see?

    I’m guessing the reason the article didn’t spell out in excruciating detail exactly what percentage of each drawing was actually done by the child isn’t that it’s some evil scheme to trick people on the internet but that (1) anyone with half a brain can clearly figure it out by using their eyes and common sense and (2) that’s not even the point of the article. The point is to celebrate an unexpected collaboration between mother and daughter that resulted in some interesting artwork–at no point does this read like the mom is trying to pass her kid off as some illustration and coloring prodigy.

    So basically people are angry because they’re too lazy for even the most basic level of cognitive reasoning and reading comprehension, and thus the slightest inaccuracy in word choice (such as the imperfect use of “finished” in the headline) will send them flying into a tailspin of rage and confusion?

      1. Dear Anonymous, were you there when all of these were done?
        If you weren’t, keep your mouth shout! Enjoy them & quit cutting!

    1. I so agree with you Rachel, I just chewed someone out for thinking like that.
      Sit back & enjoy what you see. who cares how or why it was done, it’s beautiful!

  11. I think the art was completed by one person but believe that the drawings were finished using the creative part of the brain. Just for kicks try writing a story on a page halfway through ( assuming you are right hand dominant) change to your left hand the way that our brains work is fascinating and by doing this , your inner child so to speak will present the rest of the story. I guess if this is the case this is somewhat true maybe she finished the pictures with the 4 year old within her.

  12. These turned out so cool! It would be neat to have the mom draw my son’s face and then have her daughter add her part- I would hang it on his wall! It reminds me of a charictature you would have done at the fair. On a side note, I didn’t expect all of the criticism on here! Pretty sad to see. I was really taken back by all of it. Not at all what I expected to read ffrom people

  13. art is art whether it is traditional or non-traditional in all forms whether you like it or not. there is nothing fake about these pieces. they are art. look at it, appreciate it and move on with your life.

  14. I am truly loving this. So proud of you for sharing your art world with your child. The pictures are beautiful!
    from one Artist to another, XXX

  15. Any “fine motor people” out there bothered by this child’s pencil grasp? Esp as a 4 y/o who is “artistic”.
    I HATE to be cynical, but it really does make it look like the photo’s of her drawing are staged to make her look young and inexperienced.

  16. People’s comments — u-be-lieve-able. What’s so difficult about understanding that the mom did the face-portrait, completely, and the child added the stuff that looks like a child painted/drew it? One drawing-hand is the mom’s, the other drawing-hand is the child’s. — It’s charming and brilliant.

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