Dating Tips for Women From the 1930s (10 Pics)

I think it’s safe to say these dating tips are a little out-dated. [via designtaxi]

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12 responses to Dating Tips for Women From the 1930s (10 Pics)

  1. Some of these make sense, like the one that says give your date your full attention. Its polite and goes both ways. Other than that it’s very situation and makes different sense to different people.

  2. These are really nice dating tips. However, tastes varies from person to person; so it accounts for many factors for the dating success. Today in this modern era, everything is changing and so the dating. Online dating is now a popular medium around the world to get a desirable life partner. One in every four online dating relationships turning into marriages. Whether you are adopting the online or any other medium to get a life partner, a thorough background check on your interested dating partner is important to know the person is telling truth or not.

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