Brits Suck at Labeling the United States (15 Pics)

Buzzfeed asked a bunch of Brits to label a map of the United States. They failed miserably…

To be fair, Americans are no better at mapping Europe.

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      1. Hahahaha first of all ‘Whales’ are marine mammals and ‘Wales’ is the country. Second of all, we have counties (they are like states). However, British people aren’t so full of self-importance that we would expect any one from another country to label them. Oh and this is not an anti-American rant; I hold both British and American citizenship.

  1. I am actually quite impressed. I could label Wales, Scotland, and England and make an incredibly pathetic attempt at drawing their borders, and maybe point out the general vicinity of London, but that’s it.

  2. Right, because how many people living outside of the states actually care or are even able to list all of the states?
    We only have ten provinces and 3 territories .. Yet how many Americans can successfully fill out OUR map ?

  3. i think its funny that American students are forced to know all European countries and yet people in Europe suck at labeling the US states…

    1. Countries =/= states.

      As a Brit, I learned the countries in North and South America, as well as the countries in Europe.

      The real comparison would be if you were forced to learn and label all the counties of the UK, while we didn’t have to learn the states of the US.

    2. Because they are European-COUNTRIES and not US-STATES.

      It’s like the Cantons of Switzerland or the states of Germany…everybody knows the country, but only a few foreign people could name their states. 😉

  4. Laura: you think it’s funny that Americans have to know COUNTRIES and Europeans don’t know STATES?? How well do you know the various provinces of France? Britain? Forget Europe, can you label all of Canada or Mexico? The existence of this post and comments like yours are actually kind of funny. This is why no one likes Americans, btw.

  5. Heck, I was laughing at how California & Texas were the only states that most of the maps got right (& how Oregon/Washington were so often combined ’cause I’m from the Seattle area) & how funny it was that this was likely a pretty good reflection of how most other countries likely “see” the U.S. & that things would likely be just as “bad” if anyone from any country was asked to label the states/counties/provinces/whateverthefucks from just about any country that they didn’t live in because that’s just the way we humans tend to operate & I found the whole thing funny.

    I didn’t realize it was actually an open invitation to bash all “Americans” (because both Central & South America – not to mention Canada – are apparently now part of the United States too somehow?) for being ignorant fools.

    That will teach me to laugh at stuff on the internet!

  6. I know of the states, but not where they are located to be honest.

    But I’d also struggle if I was asked the counties of the UK. Or the countries of Africa, Asia etc.

    It’s not down to ignorance or any slight, it’s down to learning them, and us Brits don;t need to know them. The ones we do know are the obvious ones we see the most on TV.

    So no real need for Americans to get bent out of shape about it.

  7. As a mildly educated person, but with an intrest in books, geography, and history, I could find, name and list at least 60% of american states and capitals… The same could not be said for uk counties, as for the rest of Europe… Not a chance, the world is a big place, and frankly I don’t give a f… should say I am english…

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