Famous Pop Culture Icons Re-imagined as Cats (13 Pics)

These clever cat mashups by Shanghai-based artist A Ke are pretty hilarious. [via designtaxi]

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2 responses to Famous Pop Culture Icons Re-imagined as Cats (13 Pics)

  1. This is the thing that kills me about artist. They spend tons of time sketching, drawing, painting. They pour all their creative energy into a work. But as soon as they have to give a name to their work, it’s like they don’t care. “Bowl of fruit in wood bowl.”

    I say all that to say I think the artist could have done better than just adding the work cat into names.

    Santa Paws?

    1. While they’re not exactly the most creative titles, they all have this consistency that makes them fit together. To me they read as if you were going to say the pop culture icons name and then realize it’s the cat version so you correct yourself awkwardly. Elvis Pres…cat.

      As far as that comment about “bowl of fruit in wooden bowl”, that sort of title would make sense if the artist was doing a detailed study of fruit in a wooden bowl, yes? I would honestly roll my eyes if some prick tried to claim it as a representation of the internal struggles faced by walruses.

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