Man Asks for Photoshop Help, Internet Hilariously Responds (16 Pics)

Unfortunately, asking for Photoshop help from strangers on the Internet almost never goes as planned. This guy just wanted a simple fix for his Eiffel Tower photo… [via reddit]

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81 responses to Man Asks for Photoshop Help, Internet Hilariously Responds (16 Pics)

    1. All those responses were far more interesting and imaginative than what was originally asked for—I have so much enjoyed them.

          1. some dumb requests are just impossible tasks waiting for someone who likes impossible tasks.

      1. Wrong, of course there’s a way to put the Eiffel tower under his finger. He needs to be much closer to the camera (e.g., make him much bigger).

        1. There is a lot of very fine original work in these responses. I think that the tower on its side is especially so.
          Hmm! I wonder how much work the tower would be in Pov-Ray. Then you could look at it from all angles.

      2. Oh my god, you are SOOOOOO SMART. Could you share more SMART stuff with us ? We are so stupid ! Thank you Captain OBVIOUS !

    1. Actually, just cut him out, expand and crop then place and bam.. now he is at the right “distance” to have his finger on it properly.

      1. who the f would want to cut him out, cutting out people in photoshop is the most ugh task. All the above were really good shoops imho

  1. hahahaha “via reddit” what a joke
    This has been happening for years on /b/, I don’t understand what’s generating such commotion.

  2. Unlucky man. You were a bit silly for two minutes, and you got absolutely web-raped. I actually managed to do what it was you’re looking for, but there is nowhere to upload the finished piece. Sorry.

  3. In one photo iti’s actually accomplished by shrinking and moving tower. I’d go with that one.

  4. This is so funny! My daughter is asleep on my lap at the moment…well…was asleep! Then I looked through these and laughed so hard I woke her up! I keep looking back at them- SO FUNNY!

  5. Listen silly, if you’re going to do, you’ve gotta have at least one Star Wars related theme.

  6. Can’t believe I’ve never thought of this method of trolling. Strangers on the internet are going to make my next vacation photos epic.

  7. If only people realized how much easier it is to get the image right in-camera. How would you even realistically accomplish this? Scale the gu up so that he fills the frame? Still have a perspective issue.

  8. Those are funny. I hope the guy appreciates the time people took to do this. It’s done with nothing but love.

  9. my son can restore or do anything you want with photoshop.He actually went to school to do it.His phone # is 720-410-0280

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