Never Fall Asleep at Work…Especially if Your Coworkers Have Photoshop (20 Pics)

This Redditor says, “My older brother took a nap at work after staying up all night to watch NBA finals. His coworkers took a picture of him and decided to have fun with it.”

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19 responses to Never Fall Asleep at Work…Especially if Your Coworkers Have Photoshop (20 Pics)

  1. Wow. Talk about first world problems and white male privilege. Imagine the workplace response to napping on the job after an all nighter of watching basketball for the rest of us?

    1. Have you never heard of lunch breaks? It really isn’t something that exists only in the first world nations, nor is it only for men. If someone is more tired than hungry, I’m fairly certain he or she would rather take a nap in the employee lounge than remain too sleepy the rest of the work day to fully concentrate. And just because this happened to be a man, it honestly has nothing to do with what they did. What, do you think that all of the coworkers would have suddenly raped the sleeping person if it was a woman? You are not “the rest of us.” You are just one little, bitter person who can obviously not find humor in an office prank between coworkers who have good relationships with one another.

    2. Where in the world did that come from? Does seeing a white man just inspire rage in you? Lighten the f**k up. We came here to laugh not listen to you preach.

    3. Well, I would guess the couch is in that workplace specifically for people to relax/nap on. The break room at my old job had several couches in it and even had blankets so people could nap during their breaks. But I guess male privilege is taking a break during work.

      To say nothing of his coworkers who went out of their way to waste time photoshopping all those pictures. They must all have be upper class privileged cis white males too.

      Also, what “first world problem”? Falling asleep and then having coworkers tease you about it is a first world problem? I think YOU’VE got the first world problem, honestly. Being so thoroughly enraged by a guy taking a nap is probably not something they do in third world countries.

  2. @Andrea- What does this have ANYTHING to do with first world problems and white male privilege?? His friends were having fun with him and that’s it. Go be miserable somewhere else.

  3. @ Andrea Schulz Really? Can’t you just have a laugh? What makes you think he was naping during his working hours? Relax!

  4. Lol. I spent many years living in a third world dictatorship, and I can tell you that napping at work is quite common there. Mainly because they’re forced to work 15 hour days, but due to lack of any organization, the day alternates between hours of nothing and short bursts of “Get this load of work done in the next half hour.”

    But yeah this definitely isn’t a funny joke thread it is a sign of western civilization white male blah blah blah.

  5. Wow. Here I thought Andrea was joking, but everyone has shown me the error of my ways and now I know she was TOTALLY SERIOUS. DAMN! I need to learn to read Internet properly! I so fail at life, cuz obviously all that is important in life is on the Internet and nothing anyone says here can ever be taken wrong.

  6. Our response to life indicates who we are on the inside. When I look at these pictures, I choose to see joy, love and lightheartedness. I refuse to call the glass half-empty.

  7. Besides the fact that there are offices where people are salary and they stay much more than 8 hours a day. I used to do programming and we’d work over the weekend or stay all night waiting for when something in another country was finished. So time to nap if you wanted.

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