‘Jurassic World’ Disney Princesses (12 Pics)

What would Disney’s princesses look like if they were velociraptors? Illustrator and comic artist Laura Cooper shows us with her hilarious Velociprincess image series. [via thaeger]

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2 responses to ‘Jurassic World’ Disney Princesses (12 Pics)

  1. 1. Someday my prince will come
    2. I know you, I met you once in a dream
    3. A whole new world
    4. I can paint with all the colours of the wind
    5. At last I see my light
    6. I’ll make a man out of you
    7. I just want to be a part of your world
    8. bippity boppity boo
    9. I want much more than this provincial french life
    10. Do you want to build a snow… That one’s actually pretty accurate
    11. I’ve got to change my fate
    12. I’m going to work a little harder

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