13 Animated Gifs of Kids Failing Hard

I know we probably shouldn’t laugh at kids getting hurt, but they all survived so come on… [via chive]

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  1. What I love about the tent one is the last kid out doesn’t actually trip, but purposely falls on the grass because he assumes that’s what supposed to happen.

  2. When I was in my early teens, we had a lot of games of hide-and-seek/tag that involved multiple age groups. I found it hilarious how my youngest neighbor, who was probably about 7, would often simply fall over. I don’t mean that he would be knocked down or that he would trip while running. He would be standing in place, apparently getting ready to run, but instead of his feet carrying him forward, they would both just leave the ground and he would tip over like a pencil trying to balance on its point.

    1. She purposely stepped on a cat and then got what she deserved. Hopefully something happened to the parent filming it who didn’t stop her.

      1. yes, she “got what she deserved”, yes, i imagine the neck break and possible permanent damage is really what she deserved for stepping on a poor wittle kitty who was preyed on by a big scary evil child who “purposefully” stepped on it because children just MUST be evil and not still developing or anything. fuck, you people are dumb.

        1. Well, cats are sentient and intelligent beings, too. And hurting an animal like that is considered animal abuse. And you cannot break your neck from a cat pouncing on you. The cat responded in a way that is like us punching someone who punched you; it’s called self defense. The cat see the child, who is potentially larger and can do more damage to the cat, as a threat, and the child proved to be a threat when they attacked the cat. Cats cannot speak our languages (they have a language of their own), so they cannot simply go up to the parent and say, “Hey, you should punish your child.” It responded in the only way it know how to.

          You’re the stupid fuck, anon.

        2. oh good grief. If she broke her neck and was permanently damaged, her parents wouldn’t have made it into a funny gif for the internet. The kid is fine. Get over yourself.

        3. Hey Anon, if you want to get all edgy in the comments section, could you at least be brave enough to tell everyone who you are? You know, with that wise, jaded, world weary brain of yours we may have to once again bow in your presence to hear you dispense pearls of wisdom. Yes, she did get what she deserved, and if you see nothing wrong with parents encouraging their children to be mean to any living thing, human or animal, well, I hope that karma sees fit to render you sterile before you pollute this earth with your offspring. Idiot…

  3. The kid stomping on the cat is not ok 🙁 You don’t let you’re kid so that to an animal. Karma there, she’s lucky the cat didn’t actually attack her.

    1. That’s the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells! I’ve been there and I… have TOTALLY not done that exact same thing… nope, not me… I am the epitome of grace.

      1. I’m going to have one of those in the summer! My family is going on a cruise and the ship (Freedom of the Seas) has a Waverider simulator just like it!

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