21 Delightfully Chubby Cats That Prove Big is Beautiful

These overweight cats might not be model-thin, but they’re beautiful nonetheless. [via delightfullychubby]

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    1. Some cats are just fat. I put my cat on grain free weight loss food because he was big when I got him and he’s still fat. He and my other cat chase each other around all the time and he’s still fat. It’s just like people, some are overweight but the amount of effort it would take to trim down would make them miserable or even cause other health problems in the process.

      1. There’s also the fact that particularly fluffy cats tend to look bigger than they are (although there are some fluffy breeds that are naturally huge), and quite a few of these cats are in positions that make them look fatter as well. Like a human who is slumped over looks like they have a fatter tummy than the same human who is sitting up straight.

        1. Lynn, hypothyroidism in cats is extremely rare (as opposed to hyperthyroidism, which is extremely common). In my experience as a veterinarian the relationship between food intake and weight in cats is not a direct one and I suspect there is a heavy genetic basis for obesity. I have a 10 kg cat who eats no more than my other cats (all in a “normal” weight range) and he is also my most active cat. He is surprisingly agile as well. I have seen cats who are so obese that they cannot clean themselves and even have trouble walking. These invariably are overeaters who live with overfeeders. This is a different category altogether than the cats you see above – who are all supercute and likely suffer no ill consequences from their size.

    2. They’re cats, you can stop them from over eating. If they don’t have food in their bowl they’ll just find something else to eat.

      1. Not entirely true, our neighborhodo cat robs other cats food bowls bullies them aways and even sneaks into othe rpeople houses ( like our’s) to eat cat and DOG food, totally aware of the dog and totally unimpressed.
        I’m by now pretty certain she wants to becoem fat and roll my dog over ….

  1. My favourite part about obese pets is the strain on there organs. There shortened life span. When cats get blocked and die! Just totally adorable

  2. Okay, let’s get this flame war started and over with.

    To all you people out there hating and calling this animal abuse. No.

    You’ve CLEARLY have never had an overweight cat.

    It is a cat. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.

    I had an overweight kitty and we limited his diet, exercised him daily, fed him extremely expensive food from the vet, and gave him regular check ups.

    None of it mattered.

    He would simply hunt down anything that got into the house, lick the dust off of every surface, eat any plant he could get to, pounce on every crumb that dropped to the floor, and sucker any guest that ate at the house into giving him scraps.

    You can’t stop a cat from over eating.

    1. What a bunch of crap. I hope you know how much we all hate you. Why is your house so filthy that this cat is finding enough scraps all over the floor to get fat off of.

  3. I have 2 cats: one is just a typical American Shorthair, and the other is a Russian Blue mix. They both eat the same food, in the same quantities, and they’re both perfectly healthy. However, my Russian Blue is naturally fatter because, just like humans, not every cat has the same exact metabolism and many just get fat no matter what. So too all of you out there who call this “animal abuse” and “unhealthy,” why don’t you just shut the hell up and try not to be a buzzkill for one day of your pathetic life.

  4. Just a reminder that having a tubby kitty is ok. Just be careful that your pudgy pet is getting the right amount of food for their age and breed, because like humans, cats are susceptible to diseases linked to obesity such as diabetes. If your cat is a bit overweight, there’s no need to start feeding them less. Like the other comments have said, some cats just metabolize the food they eat differently.

  5. It’s not cute that the owners are overfeeding them. And full of excuses. Animals in the wild are never fat. If your cat is fat you’re a moron who is overfeeding it or a slob who is too cheap to get them checked out or buy thyroid medicine. We’ve had indoor and outdoor cats of every kind that lived to be 20+. Don’t own animals if you’re too stupid and selfish to care for them

  6. My cat is a sterile fertile, who had to have her kittens aborted because she was too young and scrawny to care for them. When we took her in, she still ate like she still had to get what she could before the older cats are the food. I think that is still embedded into her head. Plus where they cut her open to abort her babies, her stomach is flabby there for some reason. My cat weighs 17 pounds and I did try the expensive diet food from the vet, but she would not eat. And who could say no to a cat that at one time was starving. I have recently put her on Prozac. The vet said that might help her from the anxiety she remembers from the bigger cats hogging all the food.

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