This Cross-Eyed Cat Looks Perpetually Worried

The San Diego Humane Society recently posted these pictures of Bum, the 4-week-old cat. Due to a condition, he is perpetually cross-eyed. However, that doesn’t stop him from being an adorable, normal kitten… [via mymodernmet]

7 responses to This Cross-Eyed Cat Looks Perpetually Worried

  1. It (NOT HE) looks like a piece of shit. All cats are stupid and this one is running for the first place in the “Most stupid and retarded cat in the universe” contest.
    First of all, ANIMALS SHOULD NOT be allowed in a human home, unless they are in an aquarium or on your plate. You, who accept animals in your bed and on your couch, do you realize THEY ARE NAKED! Do you realize all genitalia have small drippings???
    What would you say if I came in your home NAKED and rub my ass and my dong against your pillow and sofa? Would you still put your face in that pillow? Probably NOT.
    How about if I sit naked on your chair with the a-hole squeezed against you leather? That’s what animals do when they sit. WTF? Are you BLIND?

    PS: I love animals! As long as they are OUTSIDE, where they should be! Or in a barn, shed etc.

  2. Alex, as an individual who obviously loves to stir people up and create a feeling of disgust in all around you, you will die alone.

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