These Pictures Prove the 80s Was a Terrible Decade for Hair

With all its excess, the 80s were an especially terrible decade for fashion. Just look at these horrible in-style haircuts… [via S&U]

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    1. Chlorofluorocarbons and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons were only used in spay on de-odorants and Styrofoam.

      And even then the refrigerant was heavier than ambient air, meaning that the idea that it could ever reach the ozone layer is completely wrong.

      It was made up by environmental pseudo-scientists. The real problem was unchecked emissions.

      But non-the-less DuPont was forced to spend millions on developing hydrofluorocarbons to replace the chloride. AND since the refrigerant was less effective it meant that more electricity was needed to cool the same spaces, which meant more energy, which meant more carbon produces. So basically, banning the CFC’s and HCFC’s did harm to the ozone, not help it.

      And to this day there’s no chloride in any refrigerant (except halon and a few other special licenses), but people still think that AC’s and Styrofoam harm the ozone.

      1. I like how you didn’t source any actual evidence to prove your point. Internet comments = garbage, source, see above.

        1. It’s a comment on a comedy site. Anyone who actually cares should be researching the topic for themselves. This doesn’t mean no one should ever make comments about what they believe is true.

          I can just picture your invite to dinner parties “Please bring a desert and peer reviewed scientific journals to support your topics of conversation.” >.<

  1. For what it’s worth, that photo of the two sets of twins together was taken by me back in 1993… so the 80’s were already behind us!

  2. Is anyone else concerned that the child in the third picture is going to emerge from their computer screen, unhinge his jaw, and swallow their soul into a place of eternal darkness and suffering?

    1. I thought the same thing! But also that the spandex or hairspray must be making him nauseous because it kinda looks like a pre-puking face. That may just be me though.

  3. Ah, Kajagoogoo – pity us poor English girls, they were the only alternative crush material to Duran Duran, who really aught to be there too

    1. I see your Kajagoogoo and I raise you Modern Talking (haircut3.jpg) – one of the most annoying German bands ever. The guy on the right (Dieter Bohlen) still annoys today as a member of the “Germany’s Got Talent” jury.

  4. Two of those pics include the lead singer of the band that sang the Neverending Story theme song. Watch the video; change your life.

  5. Every time I go to Connecticut I see the crazy perms and stuff still going strong. It’s like the 80s never ends there

  6. These people had more dedication to the creation of their hair structures, than I have had to anything in my life.
    I don’t know what that says about all of us.

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