21 Businesses That Clearly Used to be Something Else

Whether it’s a lazy sign change or a move into an easily recognizable¬†building design, these businesses are clearly the second owners of these locations… [via 22words]

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    1. There’s a Rite Aid in Seattle which used to be a movie theater. It was such a historically iconic building that the overall design and marque were preserved when it was converted to a pharmacy. I see nothing wrong with that.

  1. My hometown (W. Hartford, CT) also has a Walgreens in a movie theater. Also in CT, Wilson Pizza moved into former McDonalds so the manahement simply flipped the Ms over to Ws.

    1. Trust me, it’s not photoshopped. It’s in San Antonio Tx. That’s my city and I used to live on the side of town that it’s on. Probably looks photoshopped because the signage is so cheap. I wouldn’t ever go there. Just a bunch of crap for sale.

      1. Yep in San Antonio right off of IH 35. Whats crazier than that is RackSpace bought an entire 2 story MALL just a mile from there and made it a server farm.

    1. The hotels in Virginia Beach do that all the time. Its a temporary sign after changing franchises, until a sign co can put up the permanent signs.

  2. There is a concert hall called The Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY. It is located in an old Episcopal Church. I went to see a rock concert there and the band did a song about blue laws prohibiting alcohol sales on Sunday. The singer was like “it is ironic that we are in a church drinking alcohol, while singing a song about not being able to buy alcohol because of the church”.

  3. I drive by that Dad’s Inn every time I visit my parents! It’s a Magnusen now, but the sign is still every bit as janky.

  4. The McDonalds in the bank building is on Marion St in St Paul, MN.

    My mom used to work in that bank. Been a McD’s forever (since I was in high school)

  5. I’m surprised some of these are allowed to exist.

    Like, surely Burger King would sue “Fries King” for trademark infringement. I know it isn’t the exact same thing, but it’s close. I bet Burger King could argue that it’s close enough to be problematic.

    Reminds me of the people in Canada who went on Dragons’ Den to get investors to invest in their company, Miss Lube (might’ve been Ms. Lube) – a car mechanic shop run by women – only to learn the harsh reality that the owner of Mr. Lube (whose name they were directly profiting from) was in the room and would not tolerate that kind of crap. They were shut down rather quickly once Mr. Lube learned they existed.

  6. The NAPA one is probably legit. NAPA rents its name to local “jobber” stores, so you can have NAPA signage but not be a NAPA store.

  7. Aww poor Blockbusters and Hollywood Video. Here in Hollywood our Walgreens used to be the Barnes and Noble. For some of these it’s common in poor areas to just make something look like a better thing (like looks like 711 but called 610 or something.)

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