15 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

I slaved over a hot laptop to make you this list so you better read every last joke.

Last Week’s Funny Tweets–>

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    1. (bzz bzz)

      “Whilst bees are not involved in the packaging, transportation, advertising, and shelving stages, I would like to assure all readers that Bees™ ARE involved in the manufacturing of honey.

      Any other questions?”

      (bzz bzz)

    2. Wtf, that’s like saying milk bought from a store had nothing to do with cows. Store honey still comes from bees! Sure, it might not be as local, but still needs bees. Thanks, bee spokesperson.

  1. Apparently I pay no attention to anything other than the main content of this site because I thought Jeff just posted everything here himself. Mike??

  2. I think Mike should take over the Twitter post. I’m sure he’d do a better job than Jeff has done the past two weeks.

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