These Japanese Cats Can’t Stop Watching Their Humans Eat Dinner

These two Japanese cats love snooping around the dinner table to see what’s on the menu each night. Their owners have started snapping photos of the two curious cats. You can follow them on Instagram for more cuteness. [via bp]

15 responses to These Japanese Cats Can’t Stop Watching Their Humans Eat Dinner

    1. That’s Japanese pizza for you: absolutely disgusting.

      Although, they do do corn on pizza and I do like that.

      1. One of the tastiest pizzas I ever ate was a Japanese pizza made with Gouda Cheese. I really enjoyed their seafood pizzas too when I lived in Tokyo.

        1. Ugh, I must have gone to the wrong places then.

          There’s a LOT of pseudo American food in Japan that is just a little off, but every now and then there’s a Moss Burger or the like.

          Moss Burger’s pretty good.

  1. I thought I was checking this page out for the kitties, but now I really really want Japanese food!

    1. Pretty much.

      Remember that cartoon that was just posted of the guy holding up a red ball and a blue ball and that said “popular thing” on them, then put them together and the internet goes nuts?

      How is this not exactly that?



  2. I don’t get how they can eat udon and ramen with rice. That’s like diabetic coma. Geez…I can see maybe fried rice but just a bowl of rice or musubi? And those are huge servings, usually Japanese eat much smaller amounts, these look like American servings………….

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