21 of the Most Awkward Couples of All Time

These odd couples all appear to have an extra special kind of love… [via S&U]

19 responses to 21 of the Most Awkward Couples of All Time

  1. Third row down – dude? on the far right. what the HELL is wrong with his face?

    “I’m sorry ma’am but there was a terrible spray tan accident”
    “But he…”
    “And there was also a steam roller”

  2. The fly swatter in number 7 killed me! I’m dying laughing! And that nasty grout in number 9! STDs aren’t the only thing those people are picking up!

  3. Ones in the bathroom need to clean the grout out soo bad. It was more disgusting then their crappy photo skills!

  4. That guy and girl with the pregnancy test bothers me.

    Like, dude, take a look in the mirror. You’re CLEARLY marrying up.

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