13 Celebrities Who Just Had to Reply to Online Comments

Celebrities get a lot of stupid and hateful comments from the public on social media. While it’s probably best to just ignore it, sometimes a celebrity just has to fight back… [via someecards]

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      1. Mayim Bialik – PhD in neuroscience
        Gerard Butler – law degree
        James Franco – multiple graduate degrees, current PhD student
        Ashley Judd – master’s degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government
        Emma Watson – Bachelors from Brown University
        Lupita Nyong’o – MFA from Yale
        David Duchovney – degrees from Princeton and Yale
        Rowan Atkinson – masters in electrical engineering
        Danica McKellar – legit genius
        Geena Davis – MENSA member, Brown university grad
        Aisha Tyler – Dartmouth grad
        Rachel McAdams – BFA York University

        I mean, I could go on.

        1. 11 actors? Yep, that certainly proves him wrong, as there are exactly 20 actors in the entire world, and therefore 11 of them being smart makes it impossible that most of them aren’t.

          1. Natalie Portman – Harvard graduate and expert on counter terrorism. Speaks six (SIX!) fucking languages.
            Dolph Lundgren – PHD in chemical engineering.
            Ken Jeong – Medical doctor.
            Bruce Willis – Self made millionaire before he was an actor.
            Quinton Tarantino – 160 IQ.
            Ashton Kutcher – Accepted into MIT. Investor in several successful startups, such as Spotify.
            Cindy Crawford – Valedictorian and Northwestern graduate.
            Barbra Streisand – Billionaire

      2. About half of actors are above average intelligence; about half are below. With the vast majority being within a sigma of the midpoint.

    1. Unsolicited nasty comments are pretty terrible, so a reminder that they don’t really have to give a shit about what anyone else thinks is not unwarranted.

    2. No, but when you’re a person who’s so wealthy you never need to work another day in your life, you don’t need to be clever.

      Unrelated to your comment, but for sure these needed to be spaced out. I thought MySpace Tom had insulted Rider Strong until I reread those posts like 3 times.

  1. these screenshots should have been spaced out more, some are pretty hard to follow. what’s the deal with the JK Rowling one? i don’t get it.

    1. People were saying Serena only wins because of her build. Someone had posted that she looks manly and JK was defending her.

  2. Talking to a celebrity is the worst.

    It’s like social anxiety times ten. And I could care less that they’re famous, but it does make me overly conscious of how I’m acting towards them.

    “Should I acknowledge them? Should I not acknowledge them? Am I having a normal conversation here or am I being a bother? Are they upset that I turned my attention from them to someone else?”

    Ugh, I once had Angelina Jolie walk up next to me outside a concert where everyone was smoking and like an idiot I ask her if my smoke was bothering her. Which doesn’t seem so bad, except for the fact that she had a cigarette in her hand and was out there to smoke just like everyone else.

  3. It’s sad people can think it’s ok to be rude and say this crap to celebrities because they’re celebrities. They’re real people and these idiots are being complete bullies.

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