The 10 Most Ridiculous Things You Can Buy in Bulk on Amazon

These items prove that Amazon is truly dedicated to offering the largest selections of retail products on the Internet. [via smosh]

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  1. I’ve bought Mites like this myself to get rid of another species of them who killed some Cockatiel-Nestlings…there isn’t anything “ridiculous” about it.

      1. Aren’t you fancy, Cathy. I piss in my own garden and sometimes by neighbors if I’ve had enough to drink. Outsourcing our jobs to coyotes? Not in my America.

        1. That doesn’t work! I’ve tried. It has to be stupid coyote urine or the rabbits and deer JUST EAT AND EAT AND EAT.

  2. Other than the bleach (obviously) I don’t see anything ridiculous about these. Most of them are for gardening, or classrooms.

  3. I’m an elementary teacher- we dissect owl pellets for science class. Then we try to reconstruct animal skeletons from the bones. Kind of creepy, now that I think about it…

  4. I was a park ranger & ordered lady bugs, bones, and owl pellets often. Bought bulk silly string, too, but that was for soldiers in Afghanistan. Buddy of mine said they use it to reveal trip wires in buildings so they can find bombs. A few of us chipped in to send a case.

  5. So once again, the author fails to do the most basic research and simply declares products he knows next to nothing about “ridiculous.” Sad.

    1. OK, “ridiculous” wasn’t the best word choice, but do you really think that the author needs to do research to try to make sure these items aren’t on the majority of Amazon shoppers’ lists?
      These are weird items that most people don’t run across without a specific need for them.
      By your use of the phrase “Once again…” you’ve obviously been disappointed before by this author’s substandard attempt at humor, so what does it take to bring levity into your life, even for the briefest of moments?

  6. I just ordered a bunch of coyote pee yesterday, in fact. Only 12 ounces of it, though.

    We’ve got raccoons who are starting to nose around our place and are thinking about digging through our siding. You soak some cotton tags in coyote pee and leave them around, and the raccoons clear out on the right-quick. Saves us from having to have them trapped and killed. I like raccoons just fine, but I kind of can’t have them destroying my house. So given the options of killing them, or tricking them into believing that a coyote is living on our fire escape so they probably don’t want to be there, too, I’m going to try the “scare-em-off” plan first.

    12 ounces is enough for one house for one year, about. If I had to cover ten times the area, the gallon would be useful.

    Nonetheless, I admit that is one of my favorite URLs. The other one is What do they sell? sells predator pee — coyote, wolf, bobcat, fox, cougar, and bear. sells frozen rodents.

  7. I’ve seen a lot of these working in a museum too & they are all better than the buckets of fetal pigs or cow eyeballs:(

  8. Also, the gold leaf is used for (among other things) doing signage, vehicle lettering (fire trucks) and other gilding projects. It’s actual gold, and those 500 sheets are really as “bulk” a purchase as you might think.

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