The Clever and Inventive Photography of David Zaitz

Los Angeles photographer David Zaitz inserts humor into his photos to deliver a delightful series of absurd moments. Follow Zaitz on Instagram for more. [via ufunk]

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  1. #3 is funny until you do voluntary work as a “computer assistant” in a library, and come across this sweet old lady who isn’t brilliant with computers, asks how to undo a spelling error, and when you’ve told her, says that putting tippex on the screen was her first idea…

    (Thank god she had the common sense to ask someone before trying that.)

    1. I’m the “go-to computer guy” at my job and there’s lots of little old ladies I’m constantly helping out.

      The other day I had my boss (a LOL) come up and ask why she couldn’t edit her OneNote tab. I looked at it and tried to edit it and the whole page moved. Turns out she took a screen shot of the page, pasted it in paint, cut out the section with the selection tool, and then pasted it in One Note.

      How the fuck do you do that?

      How do you know how to take a screen shot, crop it, and then paste it, but still not get that it’s just an image and can’t be edited?

      1. “I wasn’t sure what to do, so I started clicking random buttons to see what would happen” is the most likely explanation.

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