Guy Creates PowerPoint to Try to Keep Tinder Match From Leaving the City

The SXSW festival is currently going on in Austin, TX. While there, this redditor matched with Amanda, who lives in Chicago. Hoping to get her to stay so they could hang out, he put together the following PowerPoint… [via someecards]

Apparently, the two didn’t end up meeting, but they are still talking. So, maybe one day…

16 responses to Guy Creates PowerPoint to Try to Keep Tinder Match From Leaving the City

    1. Golly gee, that one-word comment (when accompanied by a name that very accurately describes me) has made me realizing how much I act like an entitled brat and has therefore made me rethink my entire moral principles. Congratulations, otherwise anonymous hero! You saved the day. Go make yourself a hot chocolate and pat yourself on the back, you intelligent creature, you.

      1. Wow, this guy’s not even trying.

        How do you lack this much self awareness?

        How do you not get that you just gave him the exact response that he wanted?

        How do you not get that this guy is trying to pain people like you as explosive, irrational, humorless, ranting lunatics?

        And how do you not get that that’s exactly what you sound like right now?

    1. I was thinking the same thing, he literally couldn’t have picked a worse movie example. Ok, maybe that is hyperbole, Fatal Attraction would have been a worse example, far worse.

  1. By far the most (if not the only) RomCom-ish string of texting I have ever seen. I really hope things work out for these two.

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