30 Eyebrows That Are So Bad They Will Make You Question Everything

These eyebrows…I just. How? How did these people ever let them get this bad? [via S&U]

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    1. Some of them are. I have seen the one with the vine and leaf eyebrow and remember that they said it was a tattoo.

    1. That’s how this happens. Women pluck their eyebrows and shape them just a bit, but that minor shaping continues until the eyebrows are caricatures.

  1. For most of these, they eyebrows are really the least of their concerns. I have to believe that NONE of these women own mirrors???

  2. So many poor life choices. Talk to your children today about…I’m not sure, but I’m fairly certain every one of these incidents were preventable.

  3. I have to say that the one on the right of the seventh panel/double panel/what-do-you-call-it? at least looks human. The eyebrows are still bad, but that’s really all she’s doing wrong.

  4. The mono-brow is actually considered beautiful in large swathes of central Asia, particularly Uzbekistan, where the women will intentionally fill in their brows in kohl.

    1. That’s so rich.

      When America has a set standards of beauty, it’s oppressing.

      When other countries have them, it’s liberating.

  5. I wonder how many of these women have thrichotillomania. I draw my eyebrows because I have trich, but they are no where as bad as these. Makes me want to do a video on how to draw eyebrows just women don’t do this mistake.

  6. I have to think a short circuit in the attic is responsible. Also that most of them have no female friends, because, if they did, surely one of them would have had a serious talk with them.

  7. I used to think some of the eyebrow options for Miis were ridiculous…
    And then I saw these. The real-life version is far more ridiculous.

  8. Pro-tip: natural eyebrows will always, ALWAYS, look better than completely removed and redrawn spawnof Satanbrows.

    Also I will always remember this cashier at Walmart who had shaved off her eyebrows and drawn them on half an inch LOWER, for some reason. #neverforget

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