16 Times Tumblr Users Dropped Some Serious Knowledge

These impressively intelligent Tumblr posts will make every school lecture seem boring as heck…

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51 responses to 16 Times Tumblr Users Dropped Some Serious Knowledge

      1. I remember reading about that in an actual fact book that wasn’t idiots making up crap on tumblr – sea captains can only officiate marriages if they’re also licensed priests, justices, judges, or some other form of legal authority. You can’t just become a sea captain and automatically become capable of performing marriages. You have to get a separate license/certification to be able to do that.

        Also re: comment below: Yes I have seen Pirates of the Caribbean. Just because something was in a movie doesn’t make it true in real life.

          1. I’m guessing a lot of captains become licensed to perform marriages because so many people want to get married on boats.

    1. Holy water is a thing.

      It’s at the entrance of every catholic church.

      Now, whether or not it has some mystical/supernatural/spiritual properties is another thing all together.

    2. Pokemon dont exist and you kept your mouth shut. Religon is the root of all evil, blah blah blah iam so hip and trendy etc etc

    3. That’s right, people. There’s no such thing as Holy Water. It’s actually a concentrated gas. Holy Gas just didn’t sound right.

  1. yeah, I’m gonna say I straight up don’t believe the first one. tried to find evidence for it outside of this tumblr post, and I’m mostly just finding people saying it’s not true. not to mention that half the numbers have little additions to force the number of angles. like seriously? that little loop on the 9? only one side of the 5 gets a little tail? and who the heck writes a 3 like that?

    it seems pretty blatantly made up for notes.

    1. Second.

      Seems like something made up. Like someone was doodling numbers and then just made this up in their own head and put it out on the internet to be repeated until it sounds legit.

    2. I’ve actually heard the number thing from multiple people before I saw it in tumblr, and I’ve heard about it from multiple online sources as well. As far as I know, the post actually was accurate.

  2. The “who is straight” question depends on what generation you’re talking about. A study that came out recently found that only 48% of 13 to 20 year olds identified as straight (in the U.S.). For 21 to 34 year olds it was 65%.

    1. “A study that came out recently found that only 48% of 13 to 20 year olds identified as straight”

      Source? I have a hard time believing that.

    2. It also depends on definition of ‘straight’. There’s a lot of people who are technically bi but with a really strong preference for the opposite gender, or people with an ace-spectrum identity like demi- or gray- sexual that don’t realize it. As new identities are discovered (for lack of a better word) and named, more people acknowledge that they aren’t straight; they just aren’t gay.

    3. I detest people who make their sexuality their identity.

      It’s just boring people trying to take a shortcut to being interesting.

      Fuck whoever you want however you want, just so long as everyone’s a consenting adult.

      1. I’m guessing you’re straight, so you don’t ever have to THINK about your identity, which is why you think those that find comfort in finding a label for their sexuality are special snowflakes. Marginalized people depend upon labels and identities to find support in a world where people like them aren’t the majority. You don’t ever have to think about that if you’re part of the majority, because you can reasonably assume that you can find it anywhere. It’s a non-issue for you, but it doesn’t mean it’s a non-issue for others.
        Go soak your head.

        1. I don’t often agree with Dick, but on this one, I shall. Just because you are gay doesn’t mean you have to be just gay. You can be gay, but identify yourself as whatever you want to be.

          1. Seconding what Dick Weasle said.
            There’s way more to a person than what/who/how they want to bang.

        2. Just because you want to stick yourself in a box with a label doesn’t mean other people want to do that.

          1. Just because you want to live outside of a box without any labels doesn’t mean other people want to do that.

            See how that works? Live and let live. Nobody’s hurting you.

      2. I’m pansexual but identify as a geek. Because I think what I’m interested in is far more important than who I go to bed with.

      3. Yeah, but it’s gonna be PART of someone’s identity (though hopefully not the whole damn thing). For some it’s more or less, depending on how much of a part it has played in their life. No, it shouldn’t be your WHOLE identity, but it’s gonna be part of it.

      4. Or maybe people find strength or happiness or camaraderie in making their sexuality their identity. Maybe they spent so long in the closet or so long being hurt by others that they want to show it as a main part of their being.

        Who really cares what someone does with their own identity? It’s not hurting anybody.

  3. I remember learning basic addition and subtraction using the “dot method” when I was in early elementary school. I occasionally revert to it if I need to math columns of numbers without a calculator. So…..do you mean to tell me this is somehow not standard curriculum in schools? How absurd.

  4. Everytime PJ posts Tumblr stuff its solid gold.

    More random facts
    Hispanic comes from the term Hispania which is what the Romans called the Hispanic peninsula back in the day. Therefore all people of Spanish or Portuguese origin are Hispanic.
    Latino comes from the term Latin and refers to people who come from a country that speaks a derivative of Latin (Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian).
    Therefore if you are half Italian-American and half Portuguese-American you are 50% Hispanic and 100% Latino. And 100% white. THATS 250% AMERICAN BITCHES!

    Jesus and Stalin and Steve Jobs are Asian.
    The Pharoh from Yu Gi Oh was African.
    Ghandi is 100% Caucasian and 100% Asian.

    All Muslims have Judeo-Christian values (since all three are the same religion).

    All science devolves to 5 values: time, space (distance), energy, matter and life (UGGGGH. So lame but true). “Data/information” doesn’t count.

    The earliest recorded joke ever is a fart joke.

    1. Mmmm, no.

      Latino/Hispanic: Latino refers to geography, as in Latin America. No Romanian is a Latino. Hispanic refers to language, as in from a country where Spanish is traditionally spoken. So a Brazilian can be a Latino (from Latin American), but he/she is not Hispanic (does not traditionally speak Spanish).

      “Asian” is a very broad bucket. Jesus was an Arab/Palestinian Jew, Jobs was Arab American, and Stalin was ethnic Georgian, which typically does not fall under common definitions of “Asian.”

      I have no idea what Yu Gi Oh means. But yes, real pharaohs were from Egypt and therefore African.

      “Caucasian” traditionally meant someone from the Caucasus region of Europe. Commonly it means a white-skinned person of European descent. Neither one applies to Ghandi. And see above for the “Asian” label (he was Indian, which is part of Asia, but so is China, Japan, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Israel, etc., so a little specificity goes a long way when labeling people.)

      Islam, Judaism, and Christianity do share some values and do all trace their origins back to Abraham, but they are not “the same religion.”

      Time and space are dimensions. The universe is made up of energy and matter occurring in time and space. Life is a characteristic that distinguishes organic from inorganic matter. Data and information are facts about something. None of these things are in the same category.

      I’ll take your word for the fart joke. If that’s not true, I want to go on believing it is.

  5. I think that’s a very heteronormative attitude to say that 96.20% of people are straight just because some fringe right wing think tank like UCLA says so.

  6. I was expecting this to be one of the funny pic dumps. after reading a few I now realise it’s a “fun facts” reel. disappointed. this is all useless uninteresting information IMO.

  7. I’m pretty sure someone explained the ACTUAL reason the Google search analytics has a thing for Pokemon in the 1800s, and it was because there was an actual Pokemon book that just erroneously said it was published in the 1800s rather than in 2000 or something.

    But like most of these posts, I don’t have a source to link to!

  8. The first one is wrong, as some have pointed out, and I’ll actually say why. Arabic numerals did not originate from the number of angles they contained. Here’s Wikipedia:

    “Some folk etymologies have argued that the original forms of these symbols indicated their value through the number of angles they contained, but no evidence exists of any such origin.”

    It is true, however, that the Arabs eventually influenced the adoption in Europe of the decimal system, but that was after it was introduced to them by the Hindus, and because they were closer to Europe than India was. Arabs even called their number system the Hindu system.

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