25 Facts That Sound Fake, but Are Absolutely True

The website Scoop Whoop put together this series of unbelievably true facts. Check out the original post for details about some of the facts. [via to]

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  1. Happy Birthday lost it’s copyright because it was found to not be proper. The company that owns the copyright now owes like a lot of money to the people they took royalties from it’s use.

    1. Moreover, there’s a serious case to be made that the copyright was NEVER legitimate in the first place. Still, nobody’s going to litigate that, since the problem’s over one way or the other, so the question is moot.

  2. Oh, and Lobsters actually DO die naturally, and they do age. They just don’t stop growing. They basically die because they get too big to support themselves.

    1. but i think if they get enough food/nutrients, they don’t die. they have what is called biological immortality, and don’t die from old age/senescence

    1. Sharks are just the dogs of the ocean.

      Now barracudas… Fuck those things. I had one almost take off a finger diving. Most shark ever do is swim back and forth investigating you.

  3. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4th, 1826, 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    The mayor of Rabbit Hash, KY is a dog.

    The series of children’s books about a family of bears is called “The Berenstain Bears”, though many people mistakenly remember it being called “The Berestein Bears” (with an e instead of an a).

    1. Adams died first; his last words were “Jefferson yet survives.” Jefferson’s last words were “Is it the Fourth yet?”

    2. Tampons are often used in combat to plug bullet wounds. But that’s what they were actually originally made for, and using them as a feminine hygiene product was the “life hack”.

      1. Not true actually. Things like tampons (inserted wads of cloth) have existed in one culture or another for a very long time. They became popular during the WWs because thats when they had started to be commercially produced and widely available, not to mention way more convenient than safety pinning big (reusable) pads into your drawers. Fun.

  4. The “you only use 10% of your brain” thin is kinda sorta true.
    A man suffered from hydrocephalus and has 50-75% of his brain to water filling his head and he was totally fine. Since the brain fill so slowly his brain re-mapped itself.

    Also we apparently don’t actually need sleep.
    Hungarian soldier Paul Kern was shot in the head, survived, and never slept again. And its not like ‘if I got shot in the stomach I don’t need to eat again to survive’, no no no, you need to eat to not violate the laws of physics. Unlike sleeping which apparently our brains are just really whiny about.

  5. The paper folding one is nonsense. First of all, you can’t fold a piece paper 42 times, secondly, the paper does not magically become miles long because you fold it. Perhaps that one needs more explanation.

    1. Yeah I don’t get this one. I know you can’t fold a sheet of newspaper more than 8 times, but I don’t get what folding 42 times would even look like, let alone reach the moon. So confused.

    2. If you could find a way to fold the paper in half 42 times, the thickness of it would be hundreds of thousands of miles. ~0.1 mm * 2^42.

    1. No, it rains diamonds on Jupiter. The combination of the pressure and heat due to gravitational force causes diamonds to form from the interesting amount of carbon in Jupiter’s atmosphere. It should also be mentioned that those diamonds are flying around at thousands of miles per hour. If you visited Jupiter and WEREN’T killed by the crushing gravity, you would absolutely be torn to shreds by the diamonds and graphite.

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