This is What True Love Looks Like (20 Pics)

If you’re looking for some new relationship goals, then these photos should serve as a handy guide… [via 22words]

9 responses to This is What True Love Looks Like (20 Pics)

  1. I am the worst when it comes to cussing at Mario Kart.

    Of course, give me a violent, M rated gorefest with dicks and boobs everywhere and my swearing never gets more than “oh, poopies.”

    1. In fairness, I’ve never been in first place during a game of “Exploding Dick-Boobs” and suddenly have a blue shell show up out of no where and knock me down to last place right at the end of the match.

  2. So what if he made a menu fort?

    At least he’s not on his phone ignoring his date.

    And who cares? It’s Olive Garden. Only the truly trashy thinks that place is fancy.

    1. Are you serious? How is it “ignoring” your date to be on your phone when they have physically built a fort to prevent a conversation lmao. Besides, you have no way of knowing he’s not on his phone.

      1. I’d be wiling to bet the date pulled out her phone before the guy built the menu fort. You can still talk to people over a menu fort anyway. And his head isn’t looking down at his phone or the table or anything, he seems to be looking at HER.

        Why even bother going out to dinner if you’re just going to ignore each other?

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