24 Celebrities Who Were Spotted on a Plane

If you thought all celebrities flew on private planes, then you were wrong… [via 22words]

19 responses to 24 Celebrities Who Were Spotted on a Plane

  1. If I see Hurley on a plane, I am getting off. I am not nearly interesting enough to be one of the survivors of the crash.

  2. Biggest celebrity I’ve been on a flight with is University of Kentucky basketball star Jamal Murray back when he was on the Orangeville Prep basketball team.

  3. Must suck to have people taking pics of you while you travel. Points to lady Gingrich and Steven Tyler for looking on point.

  4. Yeah that picture of the top of a bald head and the one of some blurry lady far in the background sure are convincing.

    Hilary Clinton looks really precious in that photo – kindly and enthusiastically waving as all those people take a photo of her? Rather endearing.

    1. You do realize that the person probably couldn’t get a good picture sour looking like a stalker, so they used the best picture they had.

  5. This is just fucking creepy.

    Celebrity or not, don’t go around taking pictures of people without their permission.

    I feel creepy just looking at them.

    1. I agree. Most of them aren’t even that big of a celebrity so I don’t expect them to be taking private jets all the time. If you really must bother them people, get an autograph, have a chat and leave them alone just like you’d want to be left alone when travelling, don’t take clandestine pictures then show the whole world for internet points. And by the way, non-celebrities happen to be caught in the pictures too.

  6. Re: The dad from American Horror Story. What the hell plane is that, it has some much room in the aisle? Or is he some sort of little person?

  7. Creepy, creepy, creepy! Just because someone is well known, it does not mean it’s appropriate to take pictures of them on the sly and post them online. That’s incredibly rude. And if they’re asleep, then you are being a complete git. Have some manners and ask them if you can take their photo.

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