21 Times That People on Facebook Had the Perfect Comeback

These vicious responses to Facebook statuses are devilishly good… [via smosh]


21 responses to 21 Times That People on Facebook Had the Perfect Comeback

  1. Some of these were hilarious, some were just mean and childish. Also, I like the comics on the Funny Pic Dump. *runs away*

  2. The sun orbits the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy – a cataclysmic event powerful enough to knock it out of the orbit could easily send the sun into the earth. Just saying.

    1. Not… really. I mean, if the solar system got flung out of the galaxy, we’d still be, y’know, orbiting the sun. I mean, after a few million years, I suppose the constellations would change. But I can’t really think of any other difference.

      1. As a hard core NASA geek I gotta go with Anon on this one.

        Although said event would be spread out over millions of years, and the super massive black hole at the center of our universe is still a fairly early theory.

        But, yeah. There’s a million reasons why we could be thrown off our orbit and collide with the sun.

        Changes in gravity when we collide with Andromeda, for example.

        But the reality is that there’s so much more we could worry about right now like Yellow Stone exploding and causing another ice age, the magnetic sphere reversing poles and having solar winds blow away our atmosphere (like Mars had happen), man made climate change, ecological collapse, economical collapse, mass famine, nuclear annihilation, AI, nanobots, acts of global terrorism, and good old fashion religion.

        1. I did a simulation in Universe Simulator (astro geek) that showed what would happen if the sun turned into a black hole of the same mass of the sun.

          Naff all was the result. Okay the earth cooled down a LOT but it didn’t get sucked in. I had to crash a few of Jupiter’s moons into it to get it to do that.

          (I can understand why Q in Star Trek spent so much time dicking around with other planets. It is rather fun)

          1. That’s because suns don’t gain mass when turn into a black hole. They compact and get denser to where light can’t escape. Gravity is stronger at that one point, but there’s not more of it.

            And contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe black holes are not giant vacuum cleaners that sucks everything up.

            Also, if you did go into one and somehow didn’t die (like in Interstellar), you would watch the universe die of old age since time dilation would bring your sense of time to a hault.

            You could even see this if we could land on Mercury. A person talking to earth would be noticibly slower and lower tone.

        2. Ever seen that Stargate SG:1 episode with the black hole? They got the time dilation and redshift absolutely spot on. I well recommend that episode (although the Groundhog day style one with them playing golf through the wormhole was fun too)

    1. I wish more Atheists WOULDN’T make assumptions that all Christians are like the ones that get featured on clickbait articles.

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