How to Care for a Sad Person (11 Pics)

If you’re ever at a loss with how to help a friend or family member who is sad, this simple illustrated guide from John Saddington is a good place to start. [via bp]

8 responses to How to Care for a Sad Person (11 Pics)

  1. Some people would teach their kids coping skills, but I guess teaching them to eat whenever they feel sad is another way to go about it.

    1. Aw Dick, these are coping skills. Be with people who love you, let them be nice to you, be nice to yourself, find something that you enjoy doing.

  2. Weasel sometimes when people are sad they forget to eat or drink. They don’t have the energy to eat or drink. It makes them feel more depressed because now they have low blood sugar and are dehydrated. Sometimes people need a prompt to tune in to their bodies when they are sad.

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