21 People Who Are Eating Their Food Completely Wrong

These photos of people eating their food incorrectly will absolutely infuriate you… [via smosh]





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  1. …No, that’s the right way to eat String Cheese.

    That’s also an acceptable way to eat a cucumber.

    But I will not take that child who eats the burrito wrong. HE’LL EAT WANTONS WRONG TOO. >8O

    1. It’s merely a repost from smosh. You can see the original article at the top. It might have been because of Buzzfeed, or just a coincidence.

  2. I eat cucumbers like this too, same with the ice cream one. Also pasta + ketchup tastes great 2 days before payday.

  3. Did it make it in your mouth without a mess? Did you swallow without choking? Congratulations! You ate it the right way!

      1. Seriously they may as well not have eaten it for all they left.

        (I mean, I know I’m a carnivore who can and will pick a carcass bare but still…)

    1. You’re supposed to strip everything off and only leave the bone.

      Bonus points if you can do it in one go.

      And if you can find a woman that can do that with her vajayjay marry her.

      1. Dearest Dick Weasle, if you can find someone who can do that with their vagina, keep your dick as far away as possible.

    1. That’s what I thought about Kasich. Any New Yorker giving him shit about eating pizza with silverware would be instantly put in his/her place by Kasich snorting back, a la Costanza, “How do you eat it? With your hands?

  4. the kiwi pissed me off composition-wise. like…i don’t want to see anything bitten into all close up like that; teeth marks and possible spit GROSS

  5. Ice cram sandwich is the only one I can jam with… Kinda.. I eat the sandwich part then lick the exposed ice cream until about that size then just bite it.

  6. When he was a kid, my brother would not eat the “ends” of chicken fingers.

    When I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I always eat the crust first.

    As a kid, I would always eat the cereal part of Lucky Charms first, saving the marshmallows for last.

    1. Me too! And then I’d try and cram all the marshmallows in my face all at once, like a chipmunk. Then I’d chug the milk.

  7. My brother used to pick some scrambled eggs in his breakfast with a fork…. and then proceeded to dip it in hot chocolate before eating them.

  8. When I was a kid, I would not eat the end of the french fry that I was holding. Maybe I thought it was dirty from being between my fingers? Somehow at the time I knew it was weird, but I continued to do it.

  9. Well…i only use spoons…i don’t like forks…so yeah eating spaghetti with a spoon is normal to me…even though everyone looks weird at me xD

    1. You’re supposed to use both! The spoon helps you twirl the spaghetti around the fork so it’s like a ball of yarn except pasta.

      Although, I tend to eat spaghetti out of a bowl and end up going at it like an anime character eating rice, so…

  10. The ice cream sandwich one is fine. And people eat pizza with forks and knives in europe all the time. Often they don’t come sliced or cut at all – you do it yourself with a knife and fork, bite by bite. I don’t think I believe the kiwi one. Obviously someone bit it that way but I don’t think anyone regularly eats them like that. The rind is horrid. It would entirely ruin the taste experience. My husband eats his KitKats like that.

    1. Actually the skin is pretty good and where you find most of the nutrients of the kiwi. I just found that out and started eating the skin along with the flesh….changed my life. Give it a shot. The first bite is strange, but you get used to it real quick.

          1. Same kiwi anon here and I was wondering do people overseas call them kiwis and not kiwifruit? Cous everyone I know calls them a kiwifruit, I suppose its so you don’t sound like a cannibal

  11. One of those Tweets that didn’t render was someone who said they put orange juice on their cereal. In the comments, they admitted it was Sunny D, which is NOT orange juice. That detail bothered me more than OJ on cereal.

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