Photographer Takes Portraits of People After One, Two, and Three Glasses of Wine

This photo series from Marcos Alberti proves that everyone looks better after a few drinks. Follow Alberti on Instagram for more great pics. [via biotv]

23 responses to Photographer Takes Portraits of People After One, Two, and Three Glasses of Wine

  1. Number 19: WHAT is wrong with the size of her hand in the last shot? The angle those were taken it looks like she could palm watermelons.

  2. If these people weren’t encouraged to change their expressions from one picture to the next I’ll eat my hat. I don’t think wine causes cameras to become hilarious.

    1. I don’t buy this either. I know wine causes people to loosen up a bit, but it doesn’t make you just constantly smile all the time and also change your hair style and cover your mouth like you just said something really cheeky but you’re in a photograph so you have to really exaggerate it so people realize that’s what happened. A few of these also don’t look like the people are feeling genuine emotions – particularly the first person.

      It really does look like for like half of these pictures the photographer said “Okay, now look like you’re having an increasingly better time”

      1. It’s definitely fake. Look at people’s shirt collars, they don’t move between pics. Unless they’re having glasses of wine injected directly into their stomach between shots there’s really no difference in the pictures aside from a few seconds passing and the photographer saying exactly that.

        How lame! Way to suck all of the life out of a cool idea.

  3. Let’s take it as given that there’s photographer bias. What I think is really cool is the other biases. Like Mr. 4. I bet he’s the guy saying – naw, I’m not drunk, I don’t even feel it my tolerance is so high but he’s tripping over the stool on the way to the bathroom. And number 1 I’m picturing as the – “oh, god, one drink and I’m having fun, more that that I i’m crazy.” But she’s just acting the way she thinks everybody is expecting her to act. Then the really funny part is I’m thinking they all have that blurry look by the end. But if you put them out of order could I really pick out number 1 and number 4. And if so, what is it about Mr. 4 that looks blurrier by the end?

  4. The photos look so staged though. They look like they’ve been drinking and partying for a whole night, not like they’ve had 3 glasses of wine. If anything, I’ve only experienced people to be relaxed after drinking wine.

  5. Wine is like any other alcholoic drink… there’s no one ABV for “wine” so tolerance will depend on what wine they were drinking, and it might not be the same wine for everyone involved.

    As far as the staging, what does it matter? There’s a hundred different things that could make a project like this disingenuine; from the participants trying to look one way or another to the photographer simply taking a bunch of pictures and picing his favorite from each of the sets… but what does it matter? It’s supposed to be fun… not a science experiment.

    Doesn’t anyone look at things on the internet and just think “that’s fun” anymore?

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