29 Extremely Stupid Life Hacks That Were Posted in Magazines

All of these terrible tips were found in women’s magazines. Clearly, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel with these ideas… [via buzzfeed]

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        1. I agree completely. I normally love most things on this site, but this feels a bit mean. Not everyone has money to buy the right tool for the job, they have to make do with what they have already. I wish everyone would watch the Depression cooking channel on Youtube.

  1. Tell a pregnant lady that using a rubber band to extend the button on her jeans is a stupid idea. Go ahead, tell her. I’ll just watch.

    1. Hahah, I did that (The rubber band, not actually telling a pregnant woman that it’s a stupid idea). Maternity clothes are so expensive, and you only wear them for couple of months really.

  2. Some of these are really stupid, but some of them aren’t. Maybe vet the list and identify the ones that don’t provide any value?

    1. use a vibrator and a regular toothbrush to make your own electric toothbrush!
      use empty water bottles to make slippers!
      boil an egg in your boiling hot coffee! fish it out with your bare hands!

  3. With a couple of exceptions (that toilet roll one is how you accidentally throw out grandma’s heirloom pearls), these aren’t nearly as bad as I was led to believe.

    Not sure who’s REALLY “scraping the bottom of the barrel” here…
    But at least we’re not the ones scraping the bottom of the bathroom-chair’s bucket. I don’t envy that job.

  4. “My new timepiece looks really unusual and I get lots of compliments about it.”

    Compliments like, “That’s… different…” and “Did you seriously just glue a bunch of silverware to a clock?”

  5. Seriously, a lot of these aren’t bad ideas. Maybe not the BEST solutions for the particular problems at hand… But far from stupid. Granted, some of them were clearly not well thought through or tested, but not all. As someone else here said, it’s not stupid if it works. Unconventional does not automatically equal unintelligent.

    1. I agree. It may not work for a specific situation, but it might come in handy for another. Don’t say these life hacks are bad, stupid, wrong, unoriginal, or unprofessional, because maybe the people who came up with these had no other way around the problem.

  6. These look like ways lower income people can stretch a tight wallet. Apart from crazy retired policeman’s advise most of these are passable as not too shabby.

  7. Is no one going to comment on the one that isn’t even a hack, but just a photo of birthday cards? Is that the hack? They took a picture of their cards as a whole instead if saving them (or throwing them out after reading like anyone else would)?

  8. I once bought a big box of soaps and stuff from Lush as a present for someone, and they’d packed it with (unflavoured) popcorn.

    Well, I’m assuming it was unflavoured when it went in. It came out smelling of soaps.

  9. The popcorn one really does work. I used it in the “drop an egg from 3rd story to see what will keep it from breaking” thing you do in school and my egg was the only one that didn’t break. I just wouldn’t recommend trying to eat the popcorn after.

  10. Popcorn has oil on it, doesnt it?

    And isnt it kinda gross to piss and shit on an absorbant fabric seat?

    I got a kick out of most of these haha

    1. If you pop the kernels in oil, there’s usually so little that you would hardly notice.

      I actually think that’s a really great idea, especially since my husband bought a five pound bag of kernels. Two years ago. We’ve used maybe 8 ounces.

      Anyway I figured that image was for the “cover rocks in foil” “hack.”

    2. I happened to notice there’s a curious yellowish-brown ring on that chair.

      I suppose if the seat was plastic, it would be okay for a temporary solution. But no matter how I look at it, it’s gross. So gross.

  11. Don’t be daft. On cold winter mornings, keep your feet warm by staying in bed!

    To the lady who painted her grand-daughter’s shoes gold: Be thankful that child is easy to please. Christmas shopping for her must be bloody easy.

  12. Yeah, most of these are just stupid page fillers.

    BUT, I do think the plastic bag phone one, the rubber band button one, and the boiling hot water on washcloth ones are actually useful.

    Well, maybe not the phone one anymore since no one has a lan line anymore. But I wish I did this when I did and had greasy hands from… lets say “working on cars”.

    1. The boiling water won’t kill the germs on your washcloth. You would need to boil the washcloth in water on the stove for it to be effective as “boiling” water from the kettle isn’t at a high enough temperature to kill germs effectively. Especially as it’s just going to be sitting in that boiling water afterwards as it’ll be too hot to squeeze.

  13. Thanks for reposting a buzzfeed list to a site I actually want to give views to (I’m not being sarcastic buzz feed’s list commentary and clickbaityness has gotten unbearable)

  14. I think the car balloon one is actually rather good. When you combine the fact that my wife has a Prius and that I sometimes forget where we park …

  15. The bedside commode would be fine if you just put a garbage bag on the seat with it dropping down into the hole to collect the waste. We used to make these out of five gallon buckets when camping and use the chemicals for rv toilets to keep them from smelling. Many of these are great ideas if you are poor or broke and not trying to keep up with Joneses.

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