Adorable Pig Thinks She’s a Puppy (16 Pics)

This photogenic pig is named Olive. She lives with three dogs, a fact which has given her an extreme identity crisis. Follow Olive on Instagram and Faceook. [via mymodernmet]

18 responses to Adorable Pig Thinks She’s a Puppy (16 Pics)

  1. The nose ring prevents her from rooting, a natural behavior that is important for her wellbeing. It causes pain to shoot through her sensitive snout when she tries to dig. My pig completely destroyed my yard and it’s why I wouldn’t get a pig again. If you’re not okay with your pet’s natural behavior then you should think about a different type of pet, not adjust them to suit your needs. It’s cruel. Yeah…..I’m not fun at parties and my nickname is Debbie Downer. It’s who I am.

    1. Not to mention it’s cruel to pierce an animal (or, I’d argue, human) who can’t consent to it. A bunch of stoner kids in my neighborhood got arrested for animal cruelty after piercing the ear of their kitten. The cat was fine, but Jesus, 3 weeks old! Why would you do that?

    2. Yeah, the minute I saw the nose piercing I was over it.
      I agree – if you’re not going to accept an animals natural behaviour, don’t get it for a pet. Poor pig is gonna experience pain her entire life now. Shameful.

    3. Apart from the monstrous cruelty of the nose ring, these people buy a purposely deformed dog breed that should be allowed to die out because of the many health problems it has. A vet I spoke to once called bulldogs “walking pathologies.” Apologies if they’re rescued dogs, but since the people are insensitive enough to put a ring through the pig’s nose, I kind of doubt that they do rescue. More likely that they’re breeders. Also, a “real” baby? Really? As though infant animals are somehow NOT real? Of course you mean yet another “human” baby, without which this horrifically human-overpopulated world would do JUST fine.

      Could have been cute and funny, but it wasn’t. Just very sad.

  2. If only real life was like this. Hey this dude looks a lil different……..meh…..come hang with us you are in the club.

  3. So if you’re one of these ridiculous people who get a pet pig, does that mean you never have ham, bacon, or pork at your house again?

    J/K, all people who have pet pigs are vegan.

  4. It’s true the nose ring is upsetting, but the photos make it obvious that the pig is as loving and in need of companionship as a dog. In other words there are sentient beings just as all animals are. Think about that the next time you meat-eaters cut into your pork chop. We vegans get along just fine on a diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts, beans, etc.. This little guy illustrates why we should realize that, although they are unable to articulate their feelings, nevertheless, they do have feelings, just as we have.

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