19 Illustrations That Show What Happens When Animals and People Switch Places

Somewhere in a parallel world, the roles of humans and animals have swapped places…and it’s not always pretty… [via bp]

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  1. I thought this was going to be cute and light because of the first one, but then it got intense fast. I still really like them though.

    1. Ok I just went to the source at Bored Panda and they better described them as “shocking illustrations reveal how animals feel.” I feel like that is more apt. Again, I do like them but I think there needs to be a warning that this will not be a fluffy funny post.

    2. Same. “Oh, cats rescuing a firefighter! This’ll be a cute and fun post!” NOPE.

      Also, while I don’t support taking rhino horns (or elephant tusks), their horn is made out of keratin, which is what hair and fingernails are made of, so cutting off a human’s NOSE isn’t really the same thing as cutting off their horn. As a matter of fact, many wildlife conservationists in Africa actually cut the horns off rhinos themselves to keep poachers from killing the rhinos.
      So it would make more sense if that picture had a rhino standing over a dead human who’d been scalped.

      I know you didn’t mention that, it just bugged me and I didn’t feel like making another comment.

      1. I suppose it depends on method of extraction? If they tear it out – it’s more like ripping the fingernails off a person. But if they just cut it off – surely it’s not scalping, but just cutting the hair off? Scalping involves the skin on the head.
        And to share your pedantry – the bull one actually does happen. Not often, but you can certainly look up some pretty gruesome pics of matadors being gored by bull horns.

        1. Actually no, the horns of rhinos ( not sure about elephants) have complex blood vessels in them if they are cut off the rhinos are going to bleed to death, if they are somehow lucky and don’t bleed to death then it will infect and they will cruelly and slowly end because of the infection and bugs laying their eggs into the wounded area eating them from the inside alive.

      2. Also, I know this is random, but the person whose nose that rhino cut off is clearly a starving, impoverished man. He has no weapons with him. Cleary, he is not a poacher. Like, am I actually missing something here?

        1. Yeah, the whole point is that humans usually cut off rhinos’ horns and don’t really care, not that the man was a poacher.

    1. No, starving and poor is most like a very accurate depiction of a poacher.

      One thing that the first world has its head up its ass about is how we like to go to third world countries and tell the to preserve nature, while we completely decimated nature in our countries to get rich.

      Is killing off endangered animals to use their parts to make Chinese “Holistic / Natural” “Medicine” bad?

      Fuck yes it is.

      But stop pretending that poachers are anything more that desperately poor people with few options just because no one has the spine to take on China about it.

  2. Why is everyone so upset about this? I mean, get a life. I’m not a vegan or a “SJW” and I thought it was entertaining. You’re just as obnoxious as the people you whine about. Pro tip: don’t read it if you don’t like it.

    1. Oh my God, this is one of the most irritating things that people on the internet say all the time. It basically amounts to:

      “I’m complaining about people complaining because I don’t think people should complain about things. If you don’t like an opinion/idea/content item, you should always ignore it, just like I don’t do!”

      Incidentally, who the hell are these “obnoxious people” that you think the other commenters are complaining about? There were exactly five comments before yours. Three of them pretty much just said, “I do not like this post.” Another said, “I like this post, but it was not as advertised.” And the fifth said, “I like this post.” I hardly think that’s evidence of “everyone” being “so upset about this.”

      If there’s a problem with this post, it’s that the lighthearted first entry made it a bait-and-switch for the mostly dark content that followed. That actually makes it impossible for people who don’t like such content to just not read it.

      1. You whiny piss ant. “Bait and switch”. Step away from the keyboard and get a life. Loser.

        Also: Dick Weasle: “Welcome to SJW vegans win.” Complaining about vegans and SJWs

        WhyJeffWhy “WTF? Did PETA sponsor this horrible post?”

        Imgone “Finally, the straw that broke the camels back. See ya later, Pleated Jeans.”

        You also put so many words into my mouth I can’t even believe it. Shove it up your ass.

        1. Yeah, not me.

          Lord Pepe gave up on trying to piss on all my posts and telling me to kill myself and has taken to trying to discredit me.

  3. Hunh. That one with the bear in the recliner with the stereotypical “colors of the world” + Santa Clause above his fireplace strikes me as pretty… racist.

  4. Except for the cats and the fireman, these all show what humans richly deserve for torturing and murdering animals. As an atheist, I don’t believe in an afterlife, but if there were a hell I would wish for every one of these scenarios to be repeated through eternity.

  5. OK so…. I found this super disturbing. Under no circumstances do I condone animal abuse. However, the fact that someone made a personal choice to be vegan/vegetarian or however that works nowadays, does not make the rest of us evil because we like a little ham in our sandwich. Animals are not equal to people and human beings have been eating animals since the dawn of time. Don’t beat your dog or strangle your cat, but don’t traumatize me or treat me like Hitler when I enjoy a steak.

    1. If “animals are not equal to people,” have you wondered why this has disturbed you so much? Just saying.. a lot of people like to “enjoy a steak” but don’t like to think about how that steak got on their plate.

      1. Look in the mirror Lisa.

        Those sharp pointing bones sticking out of you mouth are called canines. They’re used to tear meat off of animals.

        Your stomach is full of enzymes and bacteria specifically designed to digest meat.

        You are an omnivore. You are supposed to eat meat. Eating meat is objectively healthy for you, despite animal rights activists’ lies.

        If you choose to not eat meat, fine. Just leave others the fuck alone for doing what we’re made to do.

        And yes, we can be okay with eating meat and still think the poultry industry is an abomination that needs to change. I want to eat some chicken nuggets, but the chickens shouldn’t have to live in tin factory covered in shit and piss to make them.

  6. The torture humans put animals through…saying they don’t feel pain or have feelings…. Very cleverly illustrated. Well done. And I am not a veg/vegan, just see all animals as having a right to ‘humane’ treatment.

  7. OKay. Wait. HANG ON. Is the guy drowning in the dolphin one? Because dolphins breath air. I seriously hope that not what is happening because that’s just stupid.

        1. Yes. That is my point. Generally when people take pictures with dolphins and other people are calling for turns, they are above water and definitely not drowning the dolphin.

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