Genius Man Gets Pizza Delivered to a Moving Train

What do you do when you hop onto a 5-hour train ride, only to realize there’s no food? If you’re this Twitter user, you order out for pizza. Find out how he did it below…

The trick worked so well, he decided to do it again the next day…

14 responses to Genius Man Gets Pizza Delivered to a Moving Train

      1. Sorry, didn’t realize I was supposed to give a dissertation on why a self-important douche bag on social media who was too stupid to check whether his 5 hour train had food is called a “genius” just because he ordered a fucking pizza.

    1. Well, I’ve never heard of whoever the heck Chris Ramsey is, and there’s no reason to believe this guy has also heard of him and knows he ordered pizza from a train too.

    2. Yeah, nobody’s saying he was the first person in the history of train travel to come up with something like this. Hell, if I could see through space and time, I’d be willing to bet that someone, somewhere in the 1930s did effectively the same thing by sending a telegraph from one of the stations along his route. It’s still kind of awesome.

  1. Let down. i was expecting a delivery to a *moving* train. Like a cowboy chasing the train down on horseback and passing a pizza through a window. Not a meet me at this place where the train comes to a full stop anyway. Oh well, don’t have to tip as much that way.

    1. Hey, it’s the 21st century. Surely if anyone was going to deliver a pizza to a moving train, it would be via drone. I can easily imagine that happening, actually.

  2. All this for Dominos?


    He couldn’t find a piece of cardboard and some ketchup packets to make his own Dominos pizza?

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