This is Just a Normal Day in Russia (20 Pics)

Russia is a mysterious land of unique culture. Here is just a glimpse into the everyday life of this Eastern European nation. [via reddit]

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    1. Response from Russia (let’s solve some mysteries!):
      About squatting: inmates in Russian prisons usually sit like this when they rest (floor in the prison cell is ususally filthy and beds can be taken only by the ones who have some authority. All the others can only squat, some of them – near the toilet (the new inmates, for instance). If you have ever tried sitting like this, you’d know, that it’s really hard to squat for a long time – your legs will start killing you in several minutes, but nobody cares about that in prison, so people have to squat through pain. The ability to sit like this for a long time shows everyone how tough you are and what an experienced fellon you are. As far as lots of russian people (especially in villages and small towns) have been to prison at least once, they got used to squatting even after getting out of there. Or young boys want to seem cool and copy their older pals – so they squat too to look like ex-cons.
      About Adidas: it’s just an affordable sportswear that is being sold all over Russia (or the illegal copies of Adidas clothes). Again, the people who went to prison and the regular street hooligans prefer sportswear over all the other kinds of clothing – it’s easier to fight and to run in it, it looks badass (to their opinion) and it certainly makes them noticeable. Russia doesn’t have it’s own sportswear manufacturer (at least as popular and widespread as Adidas), so that makes Adidas the most popular choice of bad guys who like to get in trouble. In Russia we even have some really bad songs that praise this brand.
      Hope I helped you a bit to understand mysterious Russian soul, if you have any other questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

      1. Thanks for that Tamara. Are you able to tell me what is with all the really weird wedding photos i see from Russia?

        1. Haha, I’m having the same question from time to time. Well, I guess these really weird pictures are just another side of ugly Russian reality.
          Weddings are a huge deal in Russia especially in villages and small towns (people in big cities like Moscow go crazy about weddings too, it just doesn’t look so creepy there). People spend unbelieveable amounts of money on their weddings and, according to an old tradition, usually invite lots of people there – remote relatives, old friends, friends of their remote relatives, etc. The main purpose of the wedding for the newlyweds is to get as much money as possible (it’s common to give money as a wedding present in Russia), so they’ll cover all the expenses (hardly ever happens). The main purpose of the wedding for the guests is to get incredibly shitfaced and probably get in a fight (we have a saying that every good wedding should end in a fight).
          I’m not quite sure what photos are you talking about (I’ve seen too many of them, I guess), so I’m just trying to give you the general impression of what it’s like. And in case if you wonder whether these photos are fake – trust me, they are 100% real. Unfortunately.

          1. Ничего себе, я никогда не знал, как говорить по-русски , пока я не прочитал это !

            Nichego sebe, ya nikogda ne znal, kak govorit’ po-russki , poka ya ne prochital eto !


        1. Tamara – you have given a wonderful explanation! Thank you so Much! to me the Russian soul has been hitherto all about the great authors and poets – do you know much about Gogo and Yesinin? Do Russians really care about this any more?

    1. Russia is not a place where people live. It is a place where people stave off death to the best of their ability. I think the Russian word for “to live” literally translates as “delay the inevitable.”

  1. You could make a post like this about the U.S. using pics of rednecks or trailer park folk found on facebook or any website like “people of Wal-Mart” or “”, etc.

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