Tumblr Gets Deep (21 Pics)

This week’s list is even “deeper than I expected…”

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37 responses to Tumblr Gets Deep (21 Pics)

  1. Sounds like dustbats should maybe not be operating heavy machinery if that’s what their medication is doing to them. We have some dumbass talking about girls in tanktops being distracted to drivers, but the person who’s taking medication so they don’t notice potholes or warnings can drive just fine?

    1. while i agree that the person on meds maybe shouldnt be driving, i wouldnt call the person who wrote the one about girls in tanktops a dumbass. its a valid concern that girls are told not to wear tanktops in school for the fear of distracting straight boys, and they were just making a joke to show how stupid those rules are

      1. The whole “Girl’s can’t wear this because it distracts boys” is a complete strawman.

        I have never once heard a person make that argument that wasn’t stating it only to refute it.

        The real reason for dress codes is because teens are cartoonish self absorbed attention whores with (literally) half a brain.

        If teens (boys, girls, and other) were allowed to wear whatever they wanted it would instantly become a race to the bottom for attention. Strippers and prostitutes would shake their heads at what dumb shit teens would wear if left to their own devices.

        And I don’t think teachers (again, male or female) would not want to find themselves around teens dressed like that.

        It’s a line in the sand. Ideally parents should be allowed to decide where that line is, but it’s unreasonable for the school to keep track of each and every student’s line, so a standard should be set.

        Maybe banning spaghetti straps and mid drifts is a little annotated and should be updated, but don’t pretend like this is some huge social justice issue.

        1. Maybe you should crawl out from under the bridge you live under once in awhile and learn about Stephanie Hughes, whose school principle had this to say: “Certain outfits that [female students] wore created this situation where guys would make inappropriate statements, and there was a distraction to the learning environment based on what some of the folks were wearing at school.” (Huffpost, The Ridiculous Dress Code Rule That Made This Teen’s Outfit ‘Inappropriate’).

          Or Rose Lynn of MacArthur High School in OK (Ray Com Group, MacArthur student sent home for distracting clothing, plans T-shirt protest).

          Or Principle David Turner of Marshall Middle School, who said “…the staff talked to all students about the dress code recently (within the last two weeks), stated that tights can be worn but clothing must cover mid thigh, that she had been talked to before about dress code items, that her clothing could be distracting to boys.” (Battle Creek Enquirer, Marshall student told attire may be ‘distracting to boys’).

          All of which can be found pretty darn easily with a single google search, or by paying attention to the news once in awhile.

          1. It’s especially creepy when it’s a single-sex school and they’re like “if you wear that you’ll distract the men” like… are you suggesting that your ADULT MALE TEACHERS are perving on a bunch of 12-18 year old girls? Ew ew ew.

          2. Okay, fine. There’s some idiots who argue that.

            My point about having a line in the sand still stands.

            There needs to be a limit to what you can wear.

            And @Maxie, you know that female teachers sexually abuse boys just as much as male teachers abuse girls, right?

            The only difference is they’re far less reported and far less taken seriously.

            And I don’t think it’s ridiculous or “pervy” for a teacher to say they don’t want to be around a teen girl dressed like that. There’s no switch in the human brain that turns on and off attraction due to age and anyone who doesn’t have that switch it a pedo.

            The issue is the statute the teacher has over the child as their mentor and as an adult. They’re taking advantage of a child who does not have the mental capabilities to fully understand the situation and can be easily manipulated.

            Statutory rape.

            And it is indeed rape, no question, but it’s a far cry from pedophilia.

            Of course teachers (male or female) should not be indulging in inappropriate thoughts and keeping distinct barriers to keep the relationship with their students healthy.

            Barriers like not letting the student dress like a sex worker.

        2. This is not a problem in, for example Swedish schools. Most schools in Sweden does not have dress codes and people do not walk around like strippers. The dress codes some schools have in your country are ridiculous.

          1. Agreed. I think the real reason for the dress codes is to cater to parents’ anxieties about policing their daughters’ sexualities. The idea that your daughter may be developing into a *gasp* sexual being (teens turn into young adults? ikr?) is intensely, intensely discomfiting to some parents, mine included. It just makes them so. uncomfortable. and they want to stomp it out at all costs. I think Scandinavia has a much better approach to this by talking to children about sex completely openly, honestly, and without drama. There are places in the world that don’t slut-shame and entire generations of women grow up to be ok, imagine that

        3. It’s not a strawman. Schools aren’t literally saying “shoulders are distracting to boys” but they ARE literally saying “you can’t wear a tank top, it’s a distraction.” Of course they’re not going to say it’s distracting to boys, that would be admitting that they’re sexualizing teenagers.

          1. No, I’ve definitely heard “your shoulders are distracting to boys” when I was in middle school. We also had to wear shorts at least a foot long (which didn’t work, because a foot of fabric on a tall person won’t cover what it will on a short person), because quote “thighs are too lascivious.”

    2. while i agree that the person on meds maybe shouldnt be driving, i wouldnt call the person who wrote the one about girls in tanktops a dumbass. its a valid concern that girls are told not to wear tanktops in school for the fear of distracting straight boys, and they were just making a joke to show how stupid those rules are

    3. Theyre jokes. Tumblr jokes. Tumblr jokes are not real life. Dont get angry at them. You want to get upset get upset about actual things in your own life. Like the bill payments or the news or your lazy family member that deserves to be berated by you. BUT YOUR NOT COMING HERE INTO MY HOUSE AND GETTING ANGRY AND UPSET OVER THESE HYPOTHETICAL PLEASANT TUMBLR JOKES!!!!

    4. “oh no! Blah blah blah blah. Dress codes and women (teen girls) can blah blah something or other. Boys are horny fuckers who are the reason for everything.”
      But you cruised past giant tits & transfer massive tits anime…
      Stfu. Quit looking for a bullshit reason to feel all butt hurt. Just get off the Internet.

  2. ‘Stop explaining yourself and do what works for you.’
    This person has obviously never had an interview. I AM trying to do what works for me, but I must explain myself first.

    1. I got these facial tattoos and giant holes in my face because it works for me! Stop expecting me to explain it and give me a fucking job!

  3. PSA: Abstinence only education is porn education.

    If you don’t talk to your kids about sex, they’ll just learn it from the internet.

    Is that what you want?

    1. Facts show that abstinence-only education leads to an INCREASE in teen pregnancy and spread of STDs. It’s kind of like teaching kids how to drive by telling them “you can drive like an absolutel moron as long as you are married. Don’t worry nothing bad will happen – a marriage certificate protects against EVERYTHING”

    2. Our sex ed was a bunch of really graphic descriptions of pregnancy/childbirth and a brief mention that menstruation is a thing. Nothing for the males beyond “masturbation is evil you’re going to hell if you can’t restrain yourself.” Apparently the only way to absolve yourself of the sin is to confess to your priest who gives you penance…. ewwww.

      And yes, a good chunk of the girls ended up pregnant by 16.

      1. We had a video on how to check for lumps on your nuts where the model had a 10″ dong.


        I think this might have been a deliberate attempt to make us feel insecure and in turn not have sex.

  4. actual friend of dustbats here, that post was a funny anecdote and they did in fact change medications because of the driving risk. please don’t harass or contact them about that post.

  5. #2 it’s because they’ll have sex eventually. teach them before they make mistakes.
    plus saying teenagers don’t have sex is a false assumption. many of them do.

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