12 Energy Drink Reviews That Prove Caffeine is No Joke

Drinking too much energy drink can have some serious adverse side effects, as these Amazon reviews point out… [via someecards]

7 responses to 12 Energy Drink Reviews That Prove Caffeine is No Joke

    1. …I wasn’t the only one? O.O

      Oh god the all-nighters.

      …after one energy drink fueled one, I swore off energy drinks in the early evening and went for Cherry Pepsi at ungodly hours instead. *soul exits body because I actually just chugged a full-caffeine Pepsi

  1. Back in my day we just drank Mountain Dew or Surge.
    Now I have students who drink multiple Monsters a day… at 11 years old!

  2. I think 5 Hour Energy is stupid and gross, but you gotta respect the guy who made it.

    Completely destitute first gen immigrant turns himself into a billionaire then gives it all away to charity.

    Suck on that Democrats and Republicans.

  3. Drink Redline! Give Redline to your babies and they’ll be good at SPORTS! They’ll run as fast as KENYANS!

  4. Hahaahaha…….Devlosirrus am Kenyan but i could’nt run to save my bloody life. Should have drunk Redline!!

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