21 Hilarious Snapchats That Were Saved From Permanent Deletion

All Snapchats are deleted within 24 hours, but these posts are so good that they’ve transcended impermanence. [via buzzfeed]

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    1. The sense of déjà vu is a common symptom of the internet.

      Most websites borrow funny content from each other.
      I like pleated-jeans. It’s less clickbaity as BuzzFeed and not as “I’ll show you some tits to prove I’m not gay” like the Chive thing.

  1. I love me some pleated-jeans, but I have been noticing more whole articles taken from other sources, buzzfeed and collegehumor mainly. There is sharing pictures between articles (the internet, while vast, does not always produce brand new meme-worthy pictures on a consistent posting schedule) and starting an article and realizing that I have seen all of the posts in the same order elsewhere.

  2. no but then i appreciate being able to see the good shit that is on the other sites without being exposed to the crap on those sides. This is why I come here every day.

  3. Little known fact: Hemmingway was actually a hamster.

    It’s hard to tell because of forced perspective, but if you look closely at his pictures you can tell.

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