12 Hilariously Honest Dog Breed Slogans

If you own one of these popular dog breeds, then you can definitely relate… [via barkpost]

23 responses to 12 Hilariously Honest Dog Breed Slogans

  1. Chihuahua was on twice.
    Apart from that, was not surprised by the breeds that appeared.
    Just remember that there are other dogs out there.

    1. What? No. These are the only breeds I can never know, because I’ve only seen this article and I’ve never gone outside.

    1. Terriers in general:
      – Chaotic adorable
      – Because life would be boring otherwise
      – Hello, fire department? Yeah, my dog is stuck in a tree…
      – 5am is the perfect time to play with a slobbery tennis ball!
      – Basically like having a toddler who’s been fed red bull and skittles, but cuter
      – A lapdog capable of eating an entire Christmas dinner in five minutes
      – Fucking tenacious

      (My family have had a lot of terriers and they do the weirdest shit. Love them.)

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