More Clever Illustrations That Reveal the ‘Two Kinds of People’

I’ve featured the Tumblr blog 2 Kinds of People before, but they’ve been trucking along with more great illustrations. So, here’s an update on the project. Follow on Tumblr for more. [h/t mymodernmet]

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  1. wait, I can take those stickers off my computer? I thought it was like the things they put on the back of cars (to tell what place it was bought from) and they would like leave a crap ton of sticker glue and/or ruin the paint on your computer/car.

    1. i normally just stick them in a random place when I get a new pc, or when I’m building one. I have a whole door covered in PC stickers.

    2. My thoughts exactly! And I thought they were part of the warranty conditions or something on that level.

  2. Are there really people starting their slice of pizza from the broader end? Meaning they have to hold it at the weak saucy tip. That seems very counterintuitive. I can’t imagine there being enough people who do this to call them a whole entity.

    They could have compared people who eat pizza the conventional way and some who eat it with knife and fork or something.

    1. I those are people who are determined to be different, like that dude who ate his apple from the bottom up. Eye. Roll.

    2. I don’t eat it from the narrow end, but I wouldn’t say I only start it from the broad end, either. I tear off piece by piece, and eat it that way. It isn’t to be different, really, I just tend to eat many things like that. Tacos, burritos, pizza, sandwiches, pastries… my goodness, what is the matter with me?

    3. I eat mine crust first because I don’t like the crust but I don’t like wasting food, so I get through the bad part first and save the best for last.

      I don’t hold it by the tip, I hold it on the sides, works perfectly fine.

    1. Nobody uses film. Can you even buy film anymore??! that one should be more like ‘most kind of people…and a dad in north korea”

      1. It is surprising, but there are still places where you can buy film for cameras, I’ve seen a lot of professional photographers who sometimes carry both a digital and film cameras.

  3. The Bluetooth one is excellent. When I first got a bluetooth earpiece many phones ago I named it, “Babelfish.” I figured it was small, fit in my ear, and allowed me to talk to other people. What else was I going to name it?

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